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Date Established 08/2020
Founder Sabine Josephs
Headquarters Brooklyn, NY
Home, Parenting, Gaming
Press Contact Sabine Josephs


Beeswax Skin Tone Crayons
Beeswax Skin Tone Crayons $23.00
The Yo-Yo
The Yo-Yo $45.00


Sabine Josephs, founder of All of Us Crayons, believes with all her heart, when we embrace the diversity of human beings, we are allowing ourselves to live fully and receive all the tools that connect us to joy, love and true abundance. 

All of Us Crayons hand-pours crayons in their Brooklyn workshop using sustainable beeswax, sustainable palm wax and natural earth pigments. They pride themselves on the meticulous craftsmanship, ethical production, and commitment to humanity.

With a focus on creating skin tone crayons, the mission of All Of Us Crayons is to nurture the growth of the many seeds of inclusion that accompany us daily, as we navigate through this confusing world. Sabine's hope is that All Of Us Crayons can bring unity - in full consciousness - in support of the growth, creativity and acceptance of the magical children in our community. 

Founding Story

In 2020, Sabine's daughter asked her to draw a photo of Grandma, and she couldn’t. Grandma had deep beautiful brown skin and there was no deep beautiful brown crayon color.

Sabine searched the internet for beeswax skin tone crayons and simply couldn't find any. Bummed, she looked up a beeswax crayon recipe and created a simple set. An idea struck her: "Hmm I would love to give a set away, every home should have this."

That very day, she posted a set on Instagram and hundreds of comments read, "I want these!" "I will pay you!" "Please sell me a set." "Take my money." She was a stay-at-home mom with ZERO intentions of making crayons for hundreds of people though.

Weeks went by, and the social media pestering continued. So late one night, she snuck a set on Etsy. Two days later someone purchased it. Turned out, she had 30K followers in Instagram - and people went nuts!

She posted another 45 sets on Etsy - sold out in 30 minutes.
Another 125 sets - sold out in 45 minutes.

Now, having sold thousands of sets, landed in 12 schools, and 36 stores, and All Of Us Crayons will be on the shelves of a major retailer (in all 94 of their stores around the US) by Christmas 2021.

Even though she never intended to start a crayon brand, she wouldn't trade this job and the joy it brings for the world.

Team Bios

Sabine Josephs


see bio


Passionate believer that all children are perfect - just as they are.

Loving Mama to joyful little Olivia.


I am in tears. My daughter just came to me and said she was so happy to draw herself. We needed this, and I didn't even know it. Thank you so much.

Jenna Singh


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