Starday, The Next Generation Food Company, Launches All Day, A Complete Set Of Bold Flavors & Complex Seasoning Blends The food conglomerate is revolutionizing the culinary industry with disruptor brands including ALL DAY, a new line of seasonings made for home cooks and created by a former culinary strategist of a 3-Star Michelin restaurant
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NEW YORK, Nov. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Starday, a data-driven umbrella company of responsible and better-for-you food brands, today announced the launch of their new brand of seasonings for the home cook, ALL DAY. ALL DAY is the latest addition to Starday's suite of food brands focused on what consumers want to be eating, using high quality ingredients and practices that minimize environmental impact.

ALL DAY is aimed to make home cooking easier and more satisfying with the most complete seasoning set to bring bold, complex flavors to every meal, mood, and season. ALL DAY's lineup of unique seasoning blends can be used across a variety of cuisines. Perfect for soups, sauces, dressings, and on proteins, veggies, salads and grains, ALL DAY blends are a new kind of seasoning, featuring clean sourcing and all organic, vegan, and gluten-free formulas. The new brand will offer three unique seasoning blends including:

  • Fuego: A tangy-meets-sweet heat to make your mouth water. Perfect for meat marinades, BBQ proteins, tacos and crave-able veggies.
  • Boom: An intense, earthy blend to add depth to any dish. Perfect for soups, sauces, cold-weather dishes and anything else that needs an extra something-something.
  • Poppin: A zingy blend that adds herbaceous brightness to veggies, salad dressings, dips, and your otherwise-boring leftovers.

Developed and perfected by Starday co-founder Lena Kwak, former culinary strategist and innovator at a 3-Star Michelin restaurant, ALL DAY seasonings introduce consumers to interesting and worldly ingredients like turmeric, mushroom powder, and nutritional yeast in an approachable way. Each of ALL DAY's seasoning blends have an incredibly wide range in their use - they can act as a major ingredient in a simple dish and they can act as a minor ingredient in a complex dish. ALL DAY is sometimes the whole recipe and other times they're the cherry on top. The seasonings have a big return on investment, offering a high reward for low effort. They require little to no prior skill level or knowledge, a low barrier to entry for an amazing meal outcome.

"ALL DAY is for home cooks and adventurous eaters, not fancy chefs or recipe followers," said Lena Kwak, co-founder of Starday. "After a year that required the world to cook at home almost exclusively, it's no wonder we're in the mood to spice things up a bit in the kitchen. When it comes to ALL DAY's ingredients, we like to play with color and flavor in order to get the highest reward for the lowest effort."

The Company launched in August 2021 with their first brand under the Starday umbrella, Gooey Snacks - bringing pleasure back to snacking by making responsible, better-for-you versions of chocolatey childhood favorites. The first Gooey product is an absurdly delicious chocolate hazelnut spread that is low sugar, all natural, vegan, gluten-free, and made without palm oil.

When developing their brands, Starday analyzes thousands of data points to identify measurable areas of unmet need, leverages iterative quantitative and qualitative testing to refine key product and brand attributes, and conducts extensive prototype formulation testing. Through extensive quantitative and qualitative research, Starday found that consumers who cook at home are looking to spice up their recipe, create healthy and satisfying meals, and value convenience. With these pillars in mind, Starday set out to create another innovative food brand that makes cooking satisfying, delicious meals at home easier and more fun, without learning a new set of recipes.

"The growth of Starday brands relies on a data-driven omnichannel retail strategy," said Caroline McCarthy, co-founder of Starday. "We're excited to launch ALL DAY direct-to-consumers today and look forward to introducing our seasonings to marketplaces and brick & mortar retail in the near future."

ALL DAY's initial assortment of seasonings will be sold individually for $6.99 and in three packs for $18. To purchase the new ALL DAY seasonings and for more information, visit

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Starday is a next-generation company building innovative food brands through a data driven lens with a focus on eco-responsibility and better-for-you ingredients. Leveraging best practices from the software industry to enable speed, efficiency, and empathy in food and beverage product development, Starday creates products that reflect what consumers want to be eating. Starday was founded by Lily Burtis, Chaz Flexman, Lena Kwak, and Caroline McCarthy and is backed by world-class investors and operators, including Equal Ventures and Slow Ventures, with additional support from Haystack, Great Oaks VC, XFactor Ventures, and Alpha Bridge Ventures. Learn more at

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