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Effective, natural, safe and affordable skincare made with marine active ingredients


Date Established 02/2019
Founder Eric Bordron
Headquarters Pleubian, France
Press Contact Alexandrine Aubry


Hydra-Replenishing Booster
Hydra-Replenishing Booster $49.82
Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Cream
Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Cream $29.00
Oxygenating & Revitalizing Mask
Oxygenating & Revitalizing Mask $35.00
Refreshing Eye Gel
Refreshing Eye Gel $34.60
Resurfacing Night Balm
Resurfacing Night Balm $67.79
Micellar Cleansing Water
Micellar Cleansing Water $22.00


Algologie is an authentic purpose-driven brand and the only marine-based skincare brand from France dedicated for perfumeries. Algologie offers naturally active anti-aging cosmetics, combining efficiency and respect for the ecosystem they derive from. Selecting the best plants from the coast and depths of France, all while preserving its rich and fragile environment.

Their latest uniquely patent pending 4-active ingredient, ALGO 4®, sourced from extremophile plants, acts as an agent to help restore skin and boost cell function. Its innovative textures combine effectiveness and sensory appeal to deliver all the benefits of unique, ultra-sensory scents. A single extract is enough to reproduce the most active part of a marine cell, its stem cell, to provide immediate and lasting visible results.

Like the ocean - pure, respectful and powerful, Algologie’s anti-aging cosmetics embodies nature's marine garden filled with replenishing rituals and soothing treatments for your daily pleasure.

100% Active, natural, environmentally friendly, clean and sustainable.

Founding Story

Algologie’s laboratory and factory are located in the French region of Brittany surrounded by the sea on a unique and protected site. It is environments like these that serve as the driving inspiration behind the brand. A short distance away is the Sillon de Talbert, a 4 km-long sand dune and true natural barrier that protects the Bréhat Archipelago and its unique biotope, which is home to 800 species of seaweed and marine plants. Without this, Algologie would not exist.


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