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Date Established 01/2020
Founder Alexis Taub
Headquarters New York
Fashion, Dating & Romance, Wedding
Press Contact Alexis Taub


Alexis was born into a family jewelry business that has been designing and manufacturing fine jewelry for designers and stores for 75 years. Alexis is putting a 21st century spin on the company with the launch of Alexis Jae Jewelry, a world wide, direct-to-consumer jewelry business where the consumer becomes the designer. With this new mode, the consumer now has the ability to create the pieces they’ve always dreamt of without the markups that hold them back.

Alexis recognized the industry wide markups placed on fine jewelry and wanted to focus on lowering that cost so people could access affordable pieces. She saw an opportunity to bring the longstanding expertise of her family, directly to consumers at prices they can feel good about. Utilizing the family factory, Alexis cuts out the middleman and maintains the extraordinary value of fine jewelry while saving customers about 50% of traditional retail prices. Every piece is made to order. Customers can choose from hundreds of inspiration pieces and work directly with an Alexis Jae stylist to make their vision come to life.

Alexis Jae offers earring, necklaces, bracelets, rings, anklets at prices from $60 - $6,900, available on, All of their gems are ethically sourced, all gold is recycled, and a portion of all profits goes toward breast cancer research. Inspired by her mother, Alexis has been raising money for breast cancer research since she was four years old. Today she continues to contribute to top researchers by donating 25% of Alexis Jae profits to the cause.

Founding Story

Alexis' mom is in the jewelry business and manufactures jewelry for designers and stores. One day Alexis' boyfriend wanted to get her jewelry as a present, so of course, he asked her mom to make something. He found a pair of earrings online that retailed for $1,600, and her mom charged him for similar earrings $165.

After gifting them to Alexis, he said, " I have to be honest, I feel really uncomfortable. I think your mom undercharged me." After hearing those words, Alexis' knew what she wanted to do - create fine jewelry at wholesale prices that could be made exactly how the customer wanted it.

Team Bios

Alexis is the Founder of Alexis Jae, a direct-to-consumer jewelry company. Before founding Alexis Jae, Alexis had several roles in finance, including Dyal Capital, Alwyne Management, and J.P. Morgan.

Alexis always had an entrepreneurial spirit. In 2021, Alexis left her job in finance to pursue Alexis Jae in order to provide consumers the exact pieces they want at wholesale prices.

Alexis has fundraised for breast cancer research since the age of two. It is a cause that is very important to her. It was not a question that a percent of the profits from this endeavor would go to A Cure In Our Lifetime.




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