Adoratherapy Launches The Moodzee Aromatherapy Collection
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Asheville, North Carolina - Adoratherapy the conscious beauty and aromatherapy perfume brand that provides a transformational experience through functional fragrance is launching the Moodzee collection. The Moodzee collection features 12 pre-blended organic single note essential oil blends in a pill shaped bottle. Scent for the body, mind & spirit, Moodzee offers a ready to wear solution for lover’s of essential oils.

“Life is busy. It's coming at us like a freight train. The more mindful we are, the more aware we are. The more we ignore how we feel, the more we feel. It's never been so complicated, and yet is could be so easy”, says McCann. “As the CEO and Chief Mood Booster of Adoratherapy I work daily with complex aromatherapy formulations: multi oil, multi note blends that are specifically designed to create specific health and wellness benefits. With moodzee, I see a new possibility: I imagined an essential oil product line that would speak to a larger audience. Simpler, focused on single note essential oils, but blended and ready to use. What we call today Functional Fragrance! It smells good and also has benefits.” benefits.

“My background is product and branding. For years I have developed everything from fashion to software. I found a sample on a trip to China, a pill shaped bottle and I began to dream of this bottle and how it could turn the habit of breath and essential oils into a daily practice. After all, I was doing it every day with Adoratherapy. But these blends were complex and required education. I wanted a genderless product. Still organic and handcrafted, but one for everyone. The concept was driven by my deep experience in the essential oil and aromatherapy space. The brief was clear: Stick it in your pocket. A simple roller ball. Take it with you. Breathe in. Do it again. Collect scents. I then imagined a beautiful dropper that would make blending and all the DIY essential oil projects people love more fun.” says McCann.

The Moodzee Collection includes 12 scents

  • Moodzee roller balls are portable and practical, ready to go pre-blended organic single note oils in a jojoba carrier.
  • We know you need essential oils on the go. Put one in your pocket or your purse to activate, calibrate and motivate.
  • Breathtaking and functional, Moodzees are the antidote to daily living.
  • We sourced the most vibrational organic oils and blended them with organic jojoba oil. 100% organic was our goal as these products are made to wear topically and not be put in diffusers, the right oils was key.
  • Vegan, Cruelty free and handmade in Asheville North Carolina in small batches

The Moodzee collection is sold exclusively at and Adoratherapy at the Grove Arcade in Asheville North Carolina.

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