Adoratherapy Launches Alkemie Body Care Collection
Brand Logo Adoratherapy dividng line May 10, 2021

Asheville, North Carolina - Adoratherapy the conscious beauty and aromatherapy perfume brand that provides a transformational experience through functional fragrance is launching its first body care collection. The Alkemie collection features our seven-bestselling chakra essential oil blends in new formulations including a body oil, lotion, candle, lotion melt candle and bath soak.

“We are in the business of personal transformation through breath and intention. We call this a "beyond perfume" experience”, says McCann. “Our mission is to remind you to adore yourself, something that today is needed more than ever. We are excited to begin our journey into personal care with the launch of the Alkemie Collection. Using our mood boosting fragrances as a healing modality is cutting edge and we are excited to expand our line with products that address the whole individual and that support their daily rituals of self-care. The Alkemie Collection targets the dermal layer, your skin, to create a new “mood boost” delivery of our functional fragrances. Creating unique products for body care requires a commitment to both formulation and fragrance. We developed clean formulations for our body oil, lotion, soak and lotion candles. Our chakra blends provide an alternative to perfume; each scent is formulated to balance and heal using the core principles of aromatherapy, in which essential oils are active ingredients not just olefactory notes. Our chakra oils are more than fragrance. They provide moments of alignment, balance and healing in a bottle. “

“This new collection was in the works in 2020 and we decided to put it on hold when the Pandemic challenged our customers in the Spa and Beauty industries. As we moved from wholesale to direct to consumer and opened our first retail store, we saw an opportunity to launch this new collection sustainably and to anchor it into our community” says McCann. “Every decision around supply chain and packaging was made to further our commitment to our conscious beauty roots. We simplified our product names to Chakra 1 or Chakra 2 because we found consumers we’re targeting specific zones more then focusing on scent profiles. We have also positioned the brand as “Made in Asheville” and our city is featured on our labels in the same way that Paris might be for a luxury perfume house.”

The Alkemie Collection includes seven chakra scents in the following formulations:

  • Lotion
  • Body Oil
  • Lotion Melt Candle
  • Candle
  • Bath Soak

The Alkemie collection is sold exclusively at and Adoratherapy at the Grove Arcade in Asheville North Carolina.

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