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Breathable fragrances formulated by world-class aromatherapists


Date Established 06/2015
Founder Laura McCann
Headquarters Asheville
Beauty, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Laura McCann


Chakra Aroma Perfume Number 1
Chakra Aroma Perfume Number 1 $50.00
Chakra Healing Lotion Candle Number 2
Chakra Healing Lotion Candle Number 2 $45.00
Focus Moodzee Roller Ball
Focus Moodzee Roller Ball $22.00
Lavender Moodzee Roller Ball
Lavender Moodzee Roller Ball $18.00
Return to Balance Kit
Return to Balance Kit $100.00
Relationship Boosting Kit
Relationship Boosting Kit $100.00
Joy Chakra Spice Roll on Perfume Oil
Joy Chakra Spice Roll on Perfume Oil $38.00


Adoratherapy goes beyond perfume to bring you natural fragrances for your moods. Handmade in their store in Asheville, North Carolina, Adoratherapy aroma perfumes are organic, vegan, cruelty free, and formulated with the highest-grade essential oils; no alcohol, no synthetics or unhealthy chemicals.

Adoratherapy makes perfume as nature intended - their aroma perfumes lift and shift your mood in the moment, allowing you to tap into your best self. An alternative to traditional perfume, these all natural collections of uniquely formulated essential oils, and absolutes are the perfect tool to support your practice of breath and affirmation. They’re expertly blended to create specific mood benefits to help you manage stress, anxiety, motivation, focus, spirituality and more.

Adoratherapy offers an in store Mood Boost Bar to enjoy a personalized aromatherapy consultation and sampling with their experts. They even do personalized Aura portrait sessions with Chi Energy Master James. An Aura reading will provide insights into your chakras and energy allowing the Adoratherapy staff to help you select the essential oils and blends most suited for your self-actualization.

Handcrafted in the USA. Made with love in Asheville, North Carolina

Founding Story

Laura’s vocation isn’t just business, her actual calling is teaching people to love themselves. So when the opportunity to build a conscious beauty brand presented itself, she left her career in fashion to co-found Adoratherapy. The brand's name, a play on the word aromatherapy speaks to the brand mission to remind us that self care is a form of healing.

Adoratherapy's formulary experience and sourcing relationships provide the foundation of their expertly curated collection of “beyond organic” essential oils and exotics from around the world. Transformation is at the very heart of the Adoratherapy mission. Founded upon the belief that Mother Earth’s abundant resources offer the ability to transform the human experience.


Laura McCann

CEO, Founder & Chief Mood Booster

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At Adoratherapy, Laura is the "Chief Mood Booster". Adoratherapy is disrupting the aromatherapy category with essential oil blends designed to shift mood in perfume and body care formulations. Adoratherapy’s retail store and manufacturing headquarters are based in Asheville North Carolina.

A Tory Burch Fellow and a past winner of the Western Woman Small Business award, Laura is a seasoned consumer product veteran who goes beyond business to make an impact.

A well-rounded entrepreneur with a proven record of success in Beauty, Fashion and Technology, Laura graduated from Parsons’ School of Design in the late 80’s. She started her journey as a serial entrepreneur in New York City, where as a fashion designer, at the age of 28, she founded Fashion Express and International Product Options, global apparel buying agencies. In 2000 she founded Zweave the first SaaS PLM platform for fashion, and later her consulting agency WYSWYGllc.

A mother of two adult children, a pet lover and an advocate for learning to love oneself, Laura is active in mentoring and investing.


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