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Actually Curious

A card game and a movement to spread empathy


Date Established 11/2018
Founder Michael Tennant
Headquarters New York, New York
Home, Gaming
Press Contact Morgan Bellock Public Relations


Culture Edition
Culture Edition $25.00
Curiosity Edition
Curiosity Edition $25.00
Happy Hour Edition
Happy Hour Edition $25.00
Human Rights Edition
Human Rights Edition $25.00
Our Future Edition
Our Future Edition $25.00


Nothing builds bonds more than being seen and feeling heard. Actually Curious is a card game that brings people closer together, using the science and psychology of emotional connection to teach tools of active listening and empathy. The game was created in 2018 by Curiosity Lab, a marketing company built on the idea that we can make a real difference in the world by accelerating demand within the purpose economy.

Drawing references from psychologists, journalists, crisis negotiators, game developers, friends and family, the game teaches the tools of having conversations with empathy. Playing a fun and competitive card game is a sneakily effective way of disarming the defenses and getting into important topics.

Actually Curious card sets take a new approach to game night with family & friends, intentional dating, conversation starters and even journal practices & prompts! Thirsty for more? The Actually Curious team curates "Empathy Workouts" to strengthen your empathy muscles every Sunday for virtual talks, and game night-style workshops on themes that deepen empathy for self and others, while helping set meaningful intentions for the week ahead.

Founding Story

Today, Founder and CEO of Curiosity Lab, Michael Tennant, is an award-winning media, advertising, and nonprofit veteran for companies like MTV, VICE Media, P&G, CocaCola, and more. However, early in his career, Michael struggled to find advocates and mentors that looked like him and cared to guide him during those early days. It is this lack of representation and mentorship that inspired his commitment to bringing opportunities to underserved communities, and a long term ambition to build a thriving integrated products, media, and services business, from communities of color and intended to unite the world.

After the consecutive loss of his two brothers, this ambition led him to leave the corporate world and embark on a road trip across the US, eventually to create Actually Curious, a card game designed to bring people together. Nothing builds bonds more than being seen and feeling heard, and Actually Curious is the only party game that uses the science and psychology of emotional connection.

The game was initially created in 2018 as a tool to help fight divisiveness in this country. It’s become a viral hit this past year as a game that spreads empathy, and has been featured on Beyoncé’s Black Parade Business list, the New York Times and the TODAY show.

Team Bios

Michael Tennant is the Founder and CEO of Curiosity Lab, a firm that helps organizations build community around their brands, by clearly articulating their purpose and bringing it to life through content, partnership and experiences. In his role, Michael helps values-aligned organizations grow by providing short-term and long-term growth consulting and strategy. 

Michael most recently served as the Head of Branded Content in the US for PHD Media, where he helped the agency win Ad Age’s 2017 Media Agency of the Year, leading content strategy and execution for brands like Google, Delta Airlines, and the Volkswagen portfolio. Prior to that, he led branded content for the CocaCola company and various brands in the P&G portfolio. Michael began his career in youth entertainment where he held various content, marketing and brand partnership roles for MTV and VICE.

In January of 2021, Michael accepted a position as "Entrepreneur in Residence" at Arnold + Havas where he will conduct cultural workshops with all A+HMB leaders and employees with a focus on empathy, collaboration and communication. By applying Curiosity Lab’s proprietary processes and workshops, Tennant will leverage his expertise in empathy to help enable the people of Arnold + Havas Media to create even more effective and inclusive work for clients.


West Elm



Ever wished you could learn more about the person who raised you? These cards from Actually Curious are the perfect gift to foster meaningful conversation this season. Questions range from silly to serious and are designed to bring you closer to loved ones.

Editor, The Good Trade

This beautiful deck of cards from Actually Curious is filled with questions to help facilitate meaningful conversation and help you gain a deeper understanding of your peers. We wound up spending an hour talking about our values, goals, what we're grateful for, and much more from the deck's thought starters.

Candice Aman

Looking for a gift that you can share with your friends and family? Actually Curious is a card game with a mission to spread empathy and help strangers and friends alike bridge divides and move past boundaries. Filled with meaningful questions about life, love, morals, and goals, these cards were made by drawing references from psychologists, journalists, crisis negotiators, and game developers to help you get to know yourself and others on a deeper level.

Saanya Ali


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