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Date Established 05/2019
Founder Priyanka Murthy
Headquarters Florida
Tech, Fashion
Press Contact Priyanka Murthy


Sora Star Diamond Ring
Sora Star Diamond Ring $600.00
Hallie Black Agate Bangle Bracelet
Hallie Black Agate Bangle Bracelet $1980.00
Stella Solid Gold Disc Necklace
Stella Solid Gold Disc Necklace $550.00
Tera Diamond Huggie Earrings
Tera Diamond Huggie Earrings $620.00
Terra Gold Band Ring
Terra Gold Band Ring $240.00
Limited Edition S-C-I-E-N-C-E Necklace
Limited Edition S-C-I-E-N-C-E Necklace $149.00
Henrietta Gold Sphere Necklace
Henrietta Gold Sphere Necklace $340.00
Perry Gold Disc Hoop Earrings
Perry Gold Disc Hoop Earrings $370.00
Taylor Black Diamond Ring
Taylor Black Diamond Ring $510.00
Valentino Chain Drop Earrings
Valentino Chain Drop Earrings $360.00
Delphi East-West Emerald Mini Ring
Delphi East-West Emerald Mini Ring $690.00


Access79 reduces the inconvenience, intimidation, risk, and friction of shopping for fine jewelry through a proprietary digital curation technology, which introduces women to unique pieces personalized for them and created by independent craftspeople. Access79’s technology works hand-in-glove with a thoughtfully edited e-shop and convenient try-before-you-buy service that puts the woman in control of the shopping experience and purchasing decision by giving her the time and space to experience fine jewelry in a fun and risk-free manner. Founded and led by female luxury industry veterans, Access79 is reforming the jewelry industry, which disproportionately focuses on male gifters and overlooks the main jewelry wearer, the women. From dainty studs to stackable bands, Access79 offers a timeless yet contemporary mix of solid gold, ethically crafted pieces for daily wear.

Founding Story

Founded and led by female luxury industry veterans, Access79 was born out of a desire to democratize and modernize the status quo jewelry and luxury industry that was built on an arbitrary notion of exclusivity. They are addressing both the supply side and the sales side of the industry in their effort to lead and facilitate lasting change.

Access79 is committed to giving voice to, supporting, and promoting the work of small-batch, independent craftspeople that the jewelry industry often ignores. Covid-19 highlighted and catalyzed the need for the industry to innovate on many levels, most acutely in how small makers can market to and serve the end consumer. The work of these craftspeople represents eighty percent of the jewelry produced, yet these artists lack exposure and access to innovative retail channels because they’re dominated by a handful of deep-pocketed legacy brands who outspend on marketing and tech innovation. Access79 provides a tech-enabled marketplace which serves as a viable and profitable sales channel for these talented collective of craftspeople.

Access79 thinks that the experience of shopping for fine jewelry can and should be more inclusive. Everyone, not just the wealthy, is worthy of having the time and space to make a considered decision about large, meaningful purchases. Access79 is democratizing the jewelry buying experience by giving everyone the opportunity to try pieces at home before committing.


Priyanka Murthy


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Priyanka Murthy is a true multi-hyphenate with the soul of an artist, the heart of an entrepreneur, and the mind of a scientist. In addition to her role as CEO of Access79, Priyanka Murthy is an angel investor in the consumer tech space, a practicing litigator, specializing in high-stakes and high-value federal cases, and a jewelry designer, who counts Jennifer Lawrence, Kerry Washington, and Jennifer Lopez as fans. Priyanka holds a law and undergraduate degree, cum laude, from Northwestern University. She’s also a former Fulbright Scholar and holds a Masters in Political Science, with a specialization in European foreign and security policy.

She lives in Florida with her husband Ragu, a cardiologist and tech investor, and their son Raaghuv.




Because of scientists, we have a vaccine that can get us out of this pandemic. Science is the practice of asking questions, investigating, and critically thinking. Many thanks to Access79 and the team of physician-scientists who designed this necklace to honor all science has given us, and how we healthcare workers are so indebted to those working tirelessly at the bench and at the bedside.

Dr. Jennifer Lincoln

I believe in science. I got this necklace with the simple phrase “science” from Access79 and I’m wearing it now like an amulet.

Dr. Kavita Mariwalla

With so much anti-science sentiment out there these days, it’s nice to wear proudly on my chest that I believe in science

Dr. Stacy DeLin

In the face of crisis, we choose science. So many people ask me about my necklace. I proudly explain that it was designed and inspired by fierce fabulous female physician-scientists AND I support S-C-I-E-N-C-E!

Dr. R. Patel

I’ve been wearing my Access79 science necklace everywhere I go. I get compliments all day from my cute pediatric patients while inspiring them to go into STEM 🧬too!! I’m so proud to be part of this amazing scicomm community and to help end this pandemic one day together. ⁣

Dr. Risa Hoshino


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