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Abstinence Spirits

Sophisticated, Delicious, Alcohol-Free Spirits


Date Established 06/2020
Founder Pierre Strydom, Stefan Coetzee
Headquarters Oakland
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Jodie Chase, Chase, Ink. Public Relations


Established in South Africa in June 2020, Abstinence Spirits launched in the United States in September 2022. The award-winning premium distilled non-alcoholic spirit and aperitifs are inspired by the biodiversity of the Cape Floral Kingdom in the Western Cape, South Africa.

Committed to protecting this special place for future generations, Abstinence Spirits donates 1% of sales to programs that protect the Cape Floral Kingdom. Recently, the company has supported the conservation of native honeybees through the Ujubee foundation.

Founding Story

Best friends and serial entrepreneurs Pierre Strydom and Stefan Coetzee shared a dream of starting a business together.

Pierre had been a certified sommelier who traveled the world onboard a six-star cruise liner, dabbling in the world’s finest tipples, before leaving ship life and taking on a portfolio of wines. Stefan was a wine producer, working long hours in wine cellars in Napa Valley and South Africa.

Putting their heads together to create their own small-batch craft alcohol business at a time when craft gin was booming in South Africa, the duo launched Bloedlemeon Gin and the world’s first Blood Orange gin – a flavor profile since adopted by many other brands. They also created South Africa’s first Gin and Tonic Festival, which garnered an overwhelming response.

Then they began a major pivot. As non-alcoholic products were coming to market, they knew they could create something magical. Feeling strongly that people should not have to compromise on the complexity, taste, or social experience, they set out to create a product line that could inspire anyone wanting to cut back, abstain, or who was just curious.

Pierre and Stefan looked to Cape Town’s Cape Floral Kingdom for botanical and flavor inspiration. They both loved the outdoors and collectively spent a lot of time hiking the towering mountains, fly fishing the rivers, camping the beautiful coastlines, and taking cold dips in the Atlantic Ocean.

Up in the Cape mountains, they found what they were looking for. Buchu, a native flowering plant, provided an unmistakable black currant scent. While hiking the Cederberg Mountains, they came across African Wormwood and Honeybush, and these are now layered into the botanical blends. The heavenly fragrant and calming smell of native rose geranium provided a floral focal point. These Hero Botanicals are truly inspirational and imprint an unmistakably distinct character on their products. Paired with classic botanicals like juniper and coriander, they complete sophisticated flavor profiles.

And so, Abstinence Spirits was born in 2020. The product line of four non-alcoholic spirits and two aperitifs was launched in the United States in 2022 under the direction of Ranwei Chiang.

Pierre and Stefan’s journey to create an inclusive non-alcoholic experience changed their relationship with alcohol as well. They lived in a cycle of excessive drinking, and partying, networking, and entertaining were part of the job. Wondering what life would be like without alcohol, they embarked on their first Dry January, and the effects were profound. Mentally stronger, more focused, and more ambitious! This change in lifestyle made a world of difference in their businesses, relationships, and friendships. Pierre and Stefan are proud to help bring positive change to others.


Abstinence Sparkling Lemon Aperitivo Spritz
Abstinence Sparkling Lemon Aperitivo Spritz $18.00
Abstinence Sparkling Blood Orange Aperitivo Spritz
Abstinence Sparkling Blood Orange Aperitivo Spritz $18.00
Abstinence Spirits Blood Orange Aperitif
Abstinence Spirits Blood Orange Aperitif $28.00
Abstinence Spirits Lemon Aperitif
Abstinence Spirits Lemon Aperitif $28.00
Abstinence Spirits Cape Floral
Abstinence Spirits Cape Floral $35.00
Abstinence Spirits Cape Spice
Abstinence Spirits Cape Spice $35.00
Abstinence Epilogue X
Abstinence Epilogue X $35.00
Abstinence Spirits Cape Citrus
Abstinence Spirits Cape Citrus $35.00
Citrus Lovers Bundle
Citrus Lovers Bundle $56.70
Flora Bundle
Flora Bundle $58.50

Team Bios

Pierre Strydom has worked in the hospitality and beverage industry for 20 years. He was a sommelier on Crystal Cruises 6-star luxury experiences. He has a passion for product development and operations.


Stefan Coetzee

Co-Founder of Abstinence Spirits and Curated Beverages

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Stefan Coetzee has 15 years of sales and production experience in the wine and beverage industry, most recently as the head buyer at South Africa’s largest online wine retailer. He also worked at Chateau Montelena in Napa Valley.


Ranwei Chiang

CEO of Curated Beverages USA Inc.

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Ranwei Chiang is the CEO of Curated Beverages USA Inc, managing the Abstinence Spirits brand in the United States. Her background is in the cosmetics and food/agriculture businesses, focused on building supply chain success in CPG companies. She has helped companies such as e.l.f. Cosmetics and Angie’s Boomchickapop grow retail and e-commerce in the U.S. and abroad. Her focus on health and wellness has ignited her interest in the growing non-alcoholic space. She is excited to bring such great-tasting, high-quality products to the U.S. market.




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