A New Earth Project (ANEP) Creates Sustainable Sports Packaging Model for Surfing Industry ANEP delivers new sustainably-packaged board to Pro Surfer John John Florence
Brand Logo A New Earth Project dividng line Oct 25, 2021

Sustainable surfboard packaging became a reality as World Champion John John Florence took the inaugural delivery from Pyzel Surfboards., which was sustainably packaged by A New Earth Project (ANEP).

This is part of ANEP's mission to inspire other outdoor sporting industries such as biking, mountain climbing, and skiing to move towards sustainable packaging and zero waste.

Backed by the largest privately held packaging company in North America, ANEP is helping to lead change with the top Consumer Packaged Goods companies in today's marketplace in addition to inspiring sustainable sporting.

Why does this matter? 10 million tons of plastic goes into the ocean every year. It’s estimated that this number will increase to 29 million tons per year by 2040. That’s triple the amount of plastic in less than 20 years. If change doesn’t occur, it’s projected that there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish by 2050.

Contact us to learn more about ANEP's mission, and help inspire businesses and consumers to join the cause.

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A collaboration between the surfing community and industrial packaging supply chain.