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Date Established 03/2014
Founder Kirstie Wang
Headquarters Sunnyvale, CA
Home, Gaming
Press Contact Kirstie Wang


Cookie Enamel Pin
Cookie Enamel Pin $9.53
Croissant Enamel Pin
Croissant Enamel Pin $9.50
Boba Milk Tea Washi Set of 3
Boba Milk Tea Washi Set of 3 $23.00
Boba Milk Tea Keychain
Boba Milk Tea Keychain $17.00


A Jar of Pickles is a playful paper goods and gifts company, minimal with a little whimsy, celebrating the fun of everyday life in food and friendship. As Eastern culture becomes increasingly known in the West, founder Kirstie Wang is on a mission to celebrate delicious AAPI foods by bringing foods she grew up with into everyday accessories and small gifts.

Founding Story

Kirstie Wang of A Jar of Pickles grew her side hobby Etsy shop from a $200 investment to a product business with multiple 6 figures in revenue while she worked full-time tech jobs in design and marketing. Kirstie runs her business out of her garage and she cares deeply about lifting the voices of the small, solopreneur businesses and celebrating great cultural foods.


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