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1906 New Highs

Fast-acting, low-dose cannabis pills


Date Established 01/2015
Founder Peter & Ghita Barsoom
Headquarters Denver, CO
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Chelsea Place


1906 is named for the last time cannabis was widely accepted as a beneficial medicine. The Wiley Act was passed the following year, beginning nearly a century of misguided cannabis prohibition with devastating consequences. 1906 New Highs aims to make cannabis accessible and understandable for all - for the greater good (and the greater fun).

Cannabis has incredible potential for daily self-care, but until now it’s been difficult to deliver the precise effects consumers crave. 1906's first-ever lineup of discreet, swallowable pills combines moderately dosed cannabis with medicinal plants to help boost every area of your life so you always feel in control. Precision Edibles are fast acting, low-dose swallowable pills. Products like their Genius for Brain Power and Midnight for Sleep use a 1:1 THC and CBD ratio, where as Chill for Relaxation uses a 5:1 ratio. The result? Precision highs that make you feel exactly how you want to feel.

Founding Story

1906 was founded on the idea that cannabis is the greatest medicine on earth. The Colorado-based edibles company strives to make cannabis a trusted, normal part of daily wellness with products that are easy to understand and easy to fit into your life and offer the most healthful format of cannabis available.


Peter Barsoom

Co-founder, CEO

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1906 CEO and Co-founder Peter Barsoom, has an extensive career experience in finance and business strategy, holding a variety of senior management positions at leading institutions including American Express, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Blue Mountain Capital and Intercontinental Exchange. 

In 2015, Mr. Barsoom left the financial industry to found Nuka Enterprises (Nuka) a premium nutraceutical company specializing in sourcing and synthesizing global plant medicines for use in daily life. Mr. Barsoom brings unparalleled financial acumen from leading the most complex and highly regulated business. 

In September of 2018, Barsoom was recognized by “Entrepreneur” magazine as one of the Top 100 Leaders in Cannabis. He serves on the board of numerous leading cannabis industry associations including: the Marijuana Industry Group, the Cannabis Trade Federation, Colorado Leads, the New Jersey Cannabis Industry Association and the Florida Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee.


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