Lyft stalls as shares slip below IPO price on second day of trading

Taxi company’s shares dropped about 12% on Monday, ending the day at $69.03 after selling shares at $72 on Friday

Shares in Lyft, the ridesharing company, stalled on Monday, falling below their initial public offering (IPO) on their second day of trading.

Lyft became the first of a new wave of giant tech companies to go public last Friday, selling shares at $72 a piece. The hotly anticipated sale saw Lyft’s share price leap to $78.89 on the first day of trading.

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Why am I seeing this?: New Facebook tool to demystify news feed

Facebook aims to assure users it’s not spying on them via their phone’s mic for better ads

Facebook is attempting to demystify how its news feed works with a new feature that explains to users how it picks the posts and adverts to show them.

The company hopes the tool could put an end to the widespread conspiracy theory that it targets users by spying on them with their phone’s microphones, by explaining in plain English the most important factors that determine whether and when they see content on the social network.

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Facebook considering hiring editors to pick quality news for users

Mark Zuckerberg also said he is weighing up paying publishers for use of their journalism

Facebook could start employing editors to select “high-quality news” to show to users, in the social network’s latest attempt to lose its reputation as a source for disinformation.

Mark Zuckerberg said he is considering the introduction of a dedicated news section on the social network, which could use either humans or algorithms to chose stories from outlets that are “broadly trusted” by society.

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Google employees call for removal of rightwing thinktank leader from AI council

Staffers criticized the appointment of Heritage Foundation president Kay Coles James in a letter published on Monday

A group of Google employees have called for the removal of a rightwing thinktank leader from the company’s new artificial intelligence council, citing her anti-LGBT and anti-immigrant record.

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State of play: 3 things we learned at 2019’s Game Developers Conference

From Steam’s weakening monopoly to the tyranny of sales figures, the same game-changing issues were highlighted by leading figures in an industry teetering on transformation

Never has the games industry felt more on the precipice. The entire medium is on the brink of enormous change, and there’s no clear understanding of exactly what sort. Speaking to various industry figures at this year’s Games Developers Conference, the feeling is that the current state of affairs is unsustainable.

“Everything is coming to a head right now,” said Rami Ismail, organiser of international gaming conference GameDev.World. A combination of a “race to the bottom” with game prices, ever-increasing budgets and the difficulty of getting discovered for newcomers is causing many to push for change.

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Sega Mega Drive Mini retro console arrives in September

Following similar consoles from Nintendo and Sony, Sega is bringing its 1990s Mega Drive back with 40 games, including Sonic

Sega has announced a release date for the long-expected Mega Drive Mini, a modern version of its classic 16bit console.

Launching on 19 September, the retro replica will feature 40 built-in games, and comes with two controllers and a HDMI port, which plugs straight into modern televisions. It will cost £70/$80.

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The saga of Gwyneth, Apple and Instagram is a parenting classic | Joanna Moorhead

Parents are proud, teens rebel: Apple Martin’s annoyance with her mother for posting her picture online is a rite of passage

The Insta pic shows two faces: a smiling Gwyneth Paltrow, and a girl half of whose face is covered by ski goggles. On the surface of it, innocent enough, but the post has turned out to be incendiary, and Paltrow’s feed is full of comments criticising her parenting. Some complain she’s not listening to her daughter; others seem to suggest that she’s allowing the girl to walk all over her.

The issue is the presence of the girl wearing goggles. She is Paltrow’s daughter, Apple Martin; and though her face isn’t fully visible, it seems she objected to the post, writing a comment (now removed) that read: “Mom we have discussed this. You may not post anything without my consent.”

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