Six of the best 4k HDR TVs

Huge screens, dynamic range, lots of pixels, OLED … cut through the telly jargon to find the right one for your home

Let’s face it. Your current TV is showing its age. Its resolution is resolutely HD (so very 00s) and it doesn’t even respond to voice commands, no matter how loud you bawl. Maybe the time has come to upgrade to something cutting edge.

Connected smart TVs are now standard fare. With integrated streaming services, you can season binge from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video without the need for an additional set top box or dongle – or multiple remotes. Just connect the TV to your home wifi or router.

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Apple’s crown is slipping – will news and TV shows be its next big thing?

Tim Cook has made Apple the most valuable brand in the world – will this be a new success or a sign of the company’s problems?

“It’s showtime,” reads the invite for Apple’s next big launch. It sure is. On Monday at the 1,000-seat Steve Jobs Theatre in Apple’s $5bn space-age campus in Cupertino, California, the company’s chief executive, Tim Cook, will unveil his big plans to become a modern media mogul.

Details of the plans are sketchy but it appears Apple will be launching a new platform for news publishers with paywalls – the Wall Street Journal is in, New York Times and Washington Post are not – and announcing a series of new TV deals and original programmes that will put it head to head with Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and their rivals in streaming media as they fight it out to be the new kings of Hollywood.

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The five: magnetoreceptive animals

Scientists have discovered that humans may be able to pick up on the Earth’s magnetic field. Here are some other species with animal magnetism

Last week, researchers from the California Institute of Technology announced that they believe humans have the ability to pick up on the Earth’s magnetic field – a power known as magnetoreception. In an experiment, participants’ brains were described as “freaking out” when the magnetic field was changed unexpectedly.

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The grassroots coalition that took on Amazon … and won

#NoAmazon, armed only with intimate knowledge of their home community, came together to take on an internet behemoth

On the morning of February 14, Maritza Silva-Farrell was on a call in her Lower Manhattan office with a fellow climate activist when she noticed a New York Times news alert pop up on her phone.

Amazon was pulling out of New York City. The tech behemoth had cancelled its plans to build a second headquarters, and create a reported 25,000 jobs, in Queens barely three months after choosing the city. The decision to select New York as one of the chosen cities – the Washington, D.C. suburb of Crystal City, Virginia was the other – had marked the end of the company’s two-year-long American-Idol style HQ2 contest where over 230 cities from across North America doled out major tax breaks and other corporate freebies to lure Amazon.

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10 of the strangest star cameos in video games

Rami Malek’s slasher horror, Bowie as a cyberpunk hacker, streetfighting Carmen Electra, and John Hurt down and dirty … improbable roles for A-listers

It’s no longer unusual to see big-name actors in video game roles – and usually it works out fine. Ellen Page in Beyond: Two Souls, Kristen Bell in Assassin’s Creed and Charles Dance in Witcher 3 were all perfectly cast, bringing their talent and star quality to fitting roles, and featured prominently in those games’ promotion. But sometimes, famous faces pop up in video games where you’re not expecting them, whether it’s someone at the start of their career who later turns into a huge star, or an ageing legend looking for a quick buck. Here are some of our favourite improbable appearances.

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Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2: a legendary video game returns

Iconic game about urban bloodsuckers is to get an unlikely sequel next year, from Paradox Interactive and Hardsuit Labs in Seattle

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines is almost unique in video game history. It suffered a deeply troubled development involving turbulent clashes between developer Troika and publisher Activision, and was eventually released incomplete and deeply broken. And yet, the 2004 financial disaster of a game is adored and celebrated for its innovative dialogue, astounding characters and banquet of choice. Kept alive ever since by a dedicated group of fans who have patched it up and improved it multiple times, it’s a game now remembered for its huge ambition rather than its colossal failure.

Fifteen years later, a sequel has just been announced. Created by Hardsuit Labs (Blacklight: Retribution), along with Bloodlines’ original writer Brian Mitsoda, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 has secretly been in development for three years. It will be released in 2020.

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