Windows 10: broken update forcing some users into endless reboot loop

Mandatory automatic update for operating system causes issues as broken patch makes it reach certain percentage of installation before failing and rolling back

Some users of Windows 10 are reporting issues installing one of Microsoft’s first updates for the new operating system, which traps them in a reboot loop.

The KB3081424 update, released on Wednesday, collects a series of smaller updates into one bigger patch designed to make the updating process for new users simpler and easier.

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My Mother’s House explores death, grief and memories as a Minecraft poem

Poet Victoria Bennett and digital artist Adam Clarke’s ‘poem-world’ shows popular video game as a platform for art and expression

My Mother’s House is the most moving poem I’ve ever played. It’s the work of poet Victoria Bennett, inspired by her experience caring for her terminally-ill mother, and reliving some of the shared memories in her home.

As I explored it, the poem brought back my recent memories of helping my own mother clear out my late grandfather’s house, remembering and sometimes learning for the first time about different aspects of his life.

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Game Digital recovers from profit warning but console sales slip

Sales of high-margin games pick up after pre-Christmas giveaways kept customers glued to their screens

Game Digital has recovered from a profit warning in January to declare robust trading in the second half of its financial year as customers bought more games to play on their consoles.

The company also said its foray into mass gaming was going well. Its Multiplay business, acquired in April, has sold more than 35,000 tickets for the Insomnia festival, to which games enthusiasts bring their consoles to play games and watch others in action.

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Google is now Alphabet (well, sort of): the internet reacts

People are waking up to the news that Google is now Alphabet, and are suitably confused. Here, with the help of social media, is an explanation

Google’s reign of terror is over! Well, not quite: the pre-eminent search engine isn’t going to go the way of AskJeeves and AltaVista, the company is simply rebranding itself with a new holding company called Alphabet, whose largest and wholly owned subsidiary will be… Google.

but seriously is Google still Google or what

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Skateboards, drones and your brain: everything got hacked

At Defcon in Las Vegas, hackers gather to show off the latest vulnerabilities. That’s why last weekend was just full of bad news

Every year in Las Vegas, thousands of security researchers, penetration testers, and infosec experts congregate at the hacker conference Defcon to share security tips, show off newly-discovered vulnerabilities, and just generally deliver really bad news to the rest of the world.

Because if you’re a researcher who’s managed to hack something that you really shouldn’t be able to hack, Defcon is the place to show it off. And this year – the 23rd in the conference’s history – was no different. Hackers showed off ways to penetrate drones, skateboards, and even brains. Sort of. But the important thing is that they haven’t yet worked out how to hack that unsettling sense of impending doom you’re feeling right now. Nope, that’s all natural.

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Russian publisher prints books about Putin under names of western authors

Writers consider legal action against Moscow publishing house after discovering series about president circulated in their names. The Moscow Times reports

A Russian publishing house has printed a series of books about Vladimir Putin under the names of prominent western analysts and journalists – without the knowledge or permission of the so-called authors.

Related: Major labels sue Russian social network vKontakte for ‘large-scale’ music piracy

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