Facebook posts record revenues for first quarter despite privacy scandal

Company sees almost $12bn in revenue, up nearly 50% from last year and beating analyst estimates as Zuckerberg hails ‘strong start’

Facebook’s data privacy problems have had little impact on its profitability as the company posted record revenues for the first quarter of 2018.

The company made $11.97bn in revenue in the first three months of the year, up 49% from the previous year, beating Wall Street estimates of $11.41bn.

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Google to improve YouTube Kids app to let parents control what children watch

Enhanced controls will allow parents to handpick videos among a host of new features, but campaigners say YouTube must do more

Google is updating its YouTube Kids app to improve the control over the videos and channels that can be watched by children.

YouTube Kids is a separate app for smartphones and tablets that provides access to a subset of the videos available on the main site. There have been 70bn video views since the app, which is used by 11m families, launched in 2015. In the app’s biggest change yet, Google is giving parents much greater control over what their children can find and watch.

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British adults using Facebook less to communicate with friends

Number of people who see Facebook as their main social media profile falls from 80% to 70% in a year

British adults are becoming less reliant on Facebook for communicating with friends, according to research conducted by the UK media regulator, which suggests people are starting to turn to other social media apps.

The number of British social media users who consider Facebook to be their main social media or messaging profile fell from 80% to 70% in 12 months, according to the regulator’s annual media use survey.

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Facebook data harvesting and the hunt for the ‘friend’ who betrayed me | Michael McGowan

After my data was harvested by Cambridge Analytica, I went on a harrowing deep dive into my account

Two weeks ago I logged into good old Facebook dot com to discover I was one of the 311,127 Australians – and one of about 87 million people worldwide – who had their personal data harvested by Cambridge Analytica sometime around 2013-15.

I was a small and unwitting cog in a vast, beguiling narrative of unfurling geopolitical upheaval encompassing the Trump presidency, Russian interference and Brexit.

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Google puts gun emoji back in holster with switch to water pistol

Google announces change for next Android update, falling in line with Apple, Samsung, WhatsApp and Twitter

Google has become the latest firm to change its gun emoji to resemble a water pistol, falling in line with most other platforms, including Apple, Samsung, WhatsApp and Twitter.

Amid a particularly fervent period in the US anti-gun movement, led by the Floridian students of Stoneman Douglas high school caught up in a mass shooting earlier this year, users of Google-owned products and services will soon see the gun emoji rendered as a bright orange water pistol. That includes smartphones updated to the upcoming Android 9.0 “P” due for release in May.

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From Seattle to Luxembourg: how tax schemes shaped Amazon

The retail giant’s critics say contrived financial arrangements are at the heart of its success

When Jeff Bezos was looking for a home for his fledgling online bookseller, amazon.com, in 1994, his first choice is said to have been a Native American reservation. The location would have presented generous tax breaks if the state of California had not intervened and halted the plan.

Next stop was Seattle, selected because of Washington state’s small population. At the time only those retailers with a physical presence in a state paid sales taxes, so a home state with a small population meant the lowest possible sales tax burden. Sales made into other more populous states would not be taxed.

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