Self-driving cars could provide £62bn boost to UK economy by 2030

But such potential may be threatened by a no-deal Brexit, says SMMT

Britain’s leading position in developing self-driving cars could produce a £62bn economic boost by 2030, the car industry claimed – but warned that could be jeopardised by a no-deal Brexit.

A report published by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders said the UK has significant advantages over other countries in pushing connected and autonomous vehicles, including forward-looking legislation allowing autonomous cars to be insured and driven on a greater proportion of roads than elsewhere.

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Can I abandon a Gmail address that’s getting too much porn?

IMB is receiving explicit emails and is thinking of creating a new account

Someone has been using my Gmail address to sign me up for things online, and I consistently get explicit emails sent to my inbox and my spam box. I have decided to get a new email address, abandon my current one and delete it from my phone account. What will happen to my old email address when I’m not using it? IMB

It’s amazing how little progress we have made in the past 30-odd years. First, any company that still emails people – or adds them to mailing lists – without a “double opt-in” is run by idiots. If anyone signs up for anything, they should get an email that they must click to confirm they really want whatever it is. This remains true even for porn sites.

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Tesla: production slows amid rocky start to the new year

Disappointing production figures come amid more uncertainty for a company that seems to be caught in an endless cycle of turmoil

Electric carmaker Tesla’s output slowed down during a rocky start to the new year, a development that will likely magnify nagging doubts about whether the electric car pioneer will be able to make the mass-market leap.

The Palo Alto, California, company churned out 77,100 vehicles from January to March, well behind the pace it must sustain to fulfill the CEO Elon Musk’s pledge to manufacture 500,000 cars annually.

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Hundreds of millions of Facebook records exposed on public servers – report

Material discovered on Amazon cloud servers in latest example of Facebook letting third parties extract user data

More than 540m Facebook records were left exposed on public internet servers, cybersecurity researchers said on Wednesday, in just the latest security black eye for the company.

Researchers for the firm UpGuard discovered two separate sets of Facebook user data on public Amazon cloud servers, the company detailed in a blogpost.

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The Sega Mega Drive for connoisseurs: Analogue Mega Sg review

Sega’s retro reboot is no mere gimmick. It’s a joyous gift to make you a child again – but with all of 2019’s HD trimmings

Those disappointed by the recent PlayStation Classic, with its limited range of built-in and mundanely emulated games, may well be wondering what the higher end of the retro console market looks lie. Well, this is it. Built by specialist company Analogue, previously responsible for the Super Nt and Nt Mini machines, the Mega Sg is billed as a “reimagining” of Sega’s original Mega Drive, the bad boy underdog of the 16-bit era.

Unlike the PlayStation Classic, the Mini SNES, or even the recently announced Sega Mega Drive Mini (coming in September), the Mega Sg doesn’t come with a pre-loaded games library. Instead it has a cartridge slot that will accept any original Mega Drive cart, and two joypad ports that can take your old controllers (it will also work with modern wireless alternatives, although these aren’t supplied). In short, this isn’t a nostalgic toy designed for a few hours of fun reminiscence, but the gaming equivalent of a high-end turntable that plays all your old records as they were meant to be played.

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Street battle: the activists fighting to save their neighbourhood from the tech giants

Facebook, Google and Amazon have not just colonised the internet: their hubs, campuses and offices are taking over huge sections of cities around the world. But campaigners from New York to Toronto and Berlin are fighting back

‘It’s a challenge out here. The way the tech companies are building and increasing their size is just pricing people out. Families who have been here for generations can’t afford to be here any more. They’re being pushed off into rural areas – anywhere from an hour to two and a half hours away.”

JT Faraji is a 43-year-old artist who lives with his family in East Palo Alto, the northern California city on the edge of Silicon Valley. Just a stone’s throw away, Facebook’s global headquarters is his most visible neighbour, and he is also close to a big new Amazon office. He has lived in the area all his life and talks volubly about fascinating aspects of East Palo Alto’s history – like the period in the 1960s when black activists set up a high school and college, and there was even talk of renaming the city Nairobi: “There are a lot of minorities here: Hispanics, blacks, Pacific Islanders,” he says. “But those people are not really represented in the workforce in technology. So the way that northern California is going to look in not too long is going to be very … undiverse.”

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Google staff call out treatment of temp workers in ‘historic’ show of solidarity

More than 900 employees sign letter criticizing abrupt firing of contractors, who make up 54% of Google’s workforce

More than 900 Google workers have signed a letter objecting to the tech giant’s treatment of temporary contractors, in what organizers are calling “an historical coalition” between Google’s full-time employees [FTEs] and temps, vendors and contractors [TVCs].

In March, Google abruptly shortened the contracts of 34 temp workers on the “personality” team for Google Assistant – the Alexa-like digital assistant that reads you the weather, manages your calendar, sends a text message, or calls you an Uber through your phone or smart speaker.

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Revealed: Amazon employees are left to suffer after workplace injuries

Amazon made its CEO is the wealthiest person in the world. So why can’t the company care for those injured while working there?

Michelle Quinones, 27, started working at a Fort Worth, Texas, Amazon Fulfillment Center in July 2017 as an order picker, where she spent long hours on overnight shifts in the Amazon warehouse meeting mandatory rates for filling orders.

A few months into the job, Quinones started having carpal tunnel symptoms. She was sent back to work at least ten times from her warehouse’s Amcare clinic, which are put in place to provide Amazon employees with on-site first aid.

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