Technologist Vivienne Ming: ‘AI is a human right’

The entrepreneur says Silicon Valley has an inequality problem as it puts too much trust in young, white men

There is a surefire way to make Vivienne Ming flinch. It is a reaction she has to the bullish claims that big tech firms like to make. As federal investigations hit Facebook and global protests plague Google, the mantra remains. Artificial intelligence will make all our lives better. Poverty, mental health, climate change, inequality? All can be solved with AI.

As a Silicon Valley technologist, entrepreneur and theoretical neuroscientist, Ming might easily have fallen under the same spell as her tech firm counterparts. She is a firm believer that AI will become an ever more powerful tool, after all. And what could be more west coast than a Human Potential Maximiser?

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Source:: Technologist Vivienne Ming: ‘AI is a human right’

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