Museum seeks to save Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit with $500,000 Kickstarter

National Air and Space Museum’s first crowdfunding campaign launched Monday, to conserve Armstrong’s deteriorating suit so it can go on display

The US National Air and Space Museum has launched its first crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to conserve the spacesuit Neil Armstrong wore on the moon.

The campaign, which launched on Monday, coincided with the 46th anniversary of Armstrong’s moonwalk. The museum hopes to raise $500,000 on Kickstarter – the online crowdfunding platform – to help safeguard the spacesuit, digitize it with 3D scanning, and build a climate-controlled display case

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Andrés Iniesta loses Instagram account to Andrés Iniesta, Instagram apologises to Andrés Iniesta

Case of mistaken identity bumps Spanish Instagram user off social network, replacing him with his footballing namesake

Instagram has apologised after it handed control of a Spanish user’s account over to a Barcelona football player with the same name.

Andrés Iniesta, from Madrid, is the holder of the @ainiesta Instagram account. Andrés Iniesta, from Fuentealbilla, is the captain of Barcelona football club. The former Iniesta woke up on Wednesday to find that access to his Instagram account was blocked.

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Lockheed Martin strikes $9m deal to buy helicopter maker Sikorsky

Swoop for manufacturer of Black Hawk chopper opens new foreign markets for Lockheed, the Pentagon’s largest arms supplier

Lockheed Martin is to buy Sikorsky, maker of the Black Hawk helicopter, from rival United Technologies Corporation (UTC) for $9bn (£5.8bn), consolidating its position as the Pentagon’s largest supplier.

The deal opens key foreign markets for arms manufacturer Lockheed, which dwarfs its nearest competitors, the defence business of air giant Boeing, and Northrop Grumman, maker of the B-2 stealth bomber.

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Spotify bites back at Apple Music with weekly ‘mixtape’ playlist for each user

Discover Weekly will offer two hours of music based on users’ listening habits and those of similar fans

The music-streaming battle between Apple Music and Spotify isn’t just about which one has the Taylor Swift album: it’s about which one has the best playlists, and the ability to recommend them to the listeners who’ll love them.

Apple Music made a strong start on the first of those: the service has won plaudits for its deep collection of programmed playlists. Now Spotify is fighting back on a related front: personalisation.

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