Spotify bites back at Apple Music with weekly ‘mixtape’ playlist for each user

Discover Weekly will offer two hours of music based on users’ listening habits and those of similar fans

The music-streaming battle between Apple Music and Spotify isn’t just about which one has the Taylor Swift album: it’s about which one has the best playlists, and the ability to recommend them to the listeners who’ll love them.

Apple Music made a strong start on the first of those: the service has won plaudits for its deep collection of programmed playlists. Now Spotify is fighting back on a related front: personalisation.

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UK parents to get power to cancel children’s passports over Isis fears

David Cameron also announces plans to give lifetime anonymity for victims of forced marriage among measures set out in five-year counter-extremism strategy

Parents worried that their children may be about to travel to Syria or Iraq to join Islamic State (Isis) will be able to apply for their child’s passport to be cancelled, David Cameron has announced in a speech setting out his five-year counter-extremism strategy.

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Shenmue III is gaming’s highest funded Kickstarter – what happens now?

Yu Suzuki’s long-awaited adventure sequel has received over $6m in crowdfunding, but questions still hang over it. Here are some possible answers

After years of enthusiastic fan campaigns, raised hopes and dashed dreams, Shenmue III has finally been funded. The third title in the influential action adventure series, originally developed for the Sega Dreamcast console, finished its Kickstarter campaign at the weekend, attracting just over £63m from almost 70,000 investors.

Envisioned and overseen by legendary designer Yu Suzuki, the long-awaited sequel is now the most highly funded video game on the Kickstarter platform, beating previous record-holder Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night by almost a million dollars. Shenmue III was also the fastest title to shoot through the one million dollar funding mark, reaching the figure less than two hours after the Kickstarter launch. The game went on to earn its $2m target within nine hours.

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