Spotify data reveals boom in sleep and relaxation albums

Music streamers craving some shuteye are spoiled for choice, with 282 albums released in the last week alone – and Ed Sheeran a popular aid for snoozing

Putting on music is often seen as an energising action to aid dancing, even jogging. But now one of the fastest-growing new album categories features music focused on the opposite goal: putting listeners to sleep.

Spotify’s fastest-growing music category is the newly named “environmental/sleep/relaxative” – in the last week alone, 282 albums from the category were added to the music streaming service’s catalogue, many times more than other genres including hard rock, latin pop and dancehall.

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Hackers can trick self-driving cars into taking evasive action

Lidar sensor can be fooled into seeing fake people, cyclists, cars or walls with a $60 system built out of Raspberry Pi and a laser pointer

Hackers can easily trick self-driving cars into thinking that another car, a wall or a person is in front of them, potentially paralysing it or forcing it to take evasive action.

Automated cars use laser ranging systems, known as lidar, to image the world around them and allow their computer systems to identify and track objects. But a tool similar to a laser pointer and costing less than $60 can be used to confuse lidar.

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Fiat Chrysler recalls 8,000 more Jeeps over wireless hacking

Latest recall designed to protect connected vehicles from remote manipulation, says automobile company

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has recalled a further 7,810 Jeeps affected by a widely reported bug that allows an attacker to wirelessly seize control of the vehicle.

The recall affects the variants of the 2015 model of the FCA’s Jeep Renegade sports utility vehicle with a 6.5-inch touchscreen, more than half of which FCA says are still in dealer hands.

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Metal Gear Solid – everything you need to know about the entire series

Can’t tell your Big Boss from your Little John? Here’s our definitive guide to the whole Metal Gear series

Metal Gear is arguably the greatest action gaming series ever created – but it is also easily the most bewildering. What is the difference between Liquid, Naked, and Solid Snake? What is Foxdie? And why is the US president involved? These are just some of the questions lurking within Hideo Kojima’s expansive, convoluted and often contrived gaming classics.

So if you’ve been attracted to the series by the deliriously positive reviews of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, but are worried about not understanding anything that’s going on, here’s what you need to know. We’ve also ranked all the main titles for lasting quality – behind the latest title, of course, which we consider to be the very best.

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Games reviews roundup: Disney Infinity 3.0: Star Wars starter pack; Super Mario Maker

Infinity’s Star Wars is a force to be reckoned with, while Super Mario Maker takes wannabe designers to a new level

This year the Disney Infinity series of toys-to-life games has a trump card over the competition – Star Wars. The collectable figurines that unlock characters and adventures when placed on a console peripheral now have a galaxy of household names and craft available from the franchise.

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