Reddit’s ‘decency’ reckoning has begun. Why are trolls and racists still winning?

Decision to stop short of a full-on purge of site’s most controversial threads demonstrates awakening within Reddit to a long-acknowledged problem: the site might not be able to survive without them

Reddit finally began contending with the hate-filled parts of its popular internet free-for-all on Thursday, as new leadership vowed to crack down on the site’s baroque selection of pornography and to isolate other “content that violates a common sense of decency”.

Dozens of so-called “subreddits” devoted to images and fantasies of rape and violence have now vanished, less than one week after Reddit’s female chief executive departed amid a chorus of death threats and slurs from the site’s notoriously toxic users.

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Google posts gains in ad revenue profit for first time in six quarters

Company beats expectations as it announces 11% rise in advertising revenue in call to investors with new CFO Ruth Porat

Google finally ended its losing streak on Thursday when it beat expectations and posted profit for the first time in six quarters.

The company’s advertising revenue jumped 11% from last year to $16.02bn. Its consolidated revenue rose 11% to $17.73bn. The number of ads, or paid clicks, increased by 18%.

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