Ashley Madison claims site has plenty of female users eager to cheat

Representatives from the site dispute claims that only 1,492 women have ever checked their messages and most of its female users are fake ‘angel’ bots

There were lots of women looking to cheat on their partners on our site, honest, representatives of hacked infidelity service Ashley Madison claimed on Monday.

The latest – unattributed – statement from the Canadian company came after Annalee Newitz, a writer for several Gawker Media websites including Gizmodo, studied the hacked database for indications that the site’s purported 5.5 million female users had arranged trysts using the service. She found that “only 1,492 women had ever checked their messages” according to the stolen information, though she allowed for the possibility that the data might have been corrupted.

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Testing Favor: app aims to bring users whatever they need – but does it deliver?

Do you need your dry cleaning dropped off or some cat litter picked up? Capitalism insists you shouldn’t bother. Pay a startup to do it for you

A good invention, popular wisdom tells us, ought to either fulfill a need or create one. But popular wisdom greatly underestimates our laziness.

These days, a good invention simply indulges our sloth: what are Seamless and Drizly if not attempts to make perfectly accomplishable tasks a little easier? I understand the impulse – indeed, it’s difficult to resist the sites’ appeal. Imagine a 10-minute errand forcing you off the couch in the middle of a Netflix binge-watch. It won’t do.

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