New smartphone battery can charge to 48% in five minutes

Huawei’s quick-charging lithium-ion batteries power up 10 times faster than regular batteries by using new technique

A smartphone battery that lasts longer than a day might be out of reach of most people for the moment, but a large one that charges to 48% in five minutes is on the way.

Huawei’s new fast-charging battery is capable of charging 10 times faster than that of normal lithium ion batteries and uses a new electrode design, according to the company.

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Artificial skin senses touch and heat

In a big step towards the development of prosthetic limbs that feel real, two research groups have developed artificial skin containing touch and heat sensors

Prosthetic limbs have come a long way in the past 25 years. People who lose an arm or a leg can now be fitted with sophisticated prostheses that interface with the nervous system directly, which read the brain signals related to planning movements and translate them into commands for the device, enabling the user to control their replacement appendage by merely thinking about it.

Neurally-controlled prosthetic devices can vastly improve quality of life for amputees and paralysed patients, by helping them to move and regain at least some of their independence. Ultimately, though, researchers hope to develop devices that provide sensory feedback to the user – this would not only allow for more accurate control of the prosthesis, but would also enable the user’s brain to incorporate the artificial limb into its model of the body and take full ownership of it, so that actually feels more like a part of the body than a cumbersome add-on.

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Facebook’s Safety Check leads technology’s support of Paris

Social network activates feature previously used during natural disasters, while other apps and tools help those caught in aftermath of terrorist attacks

Facebook activated its Safety Check service for a terrorist incident for the first time during the Paris attacks, allowing people to notify their loved ones that they were safe.

The social network said that it would consider using the feature – which until now has been limited to natural disasters – more widely, following criticism in failing to activate the tool in the wake of terrorist attacks in Beirut on Thursday.

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Meet Nina Freeman, the punk poet of gaming

Video games don’t have to be about death and warfare. Emotional, intimate and sexually frank, Nina Freeman’s relationship-led adventures are revolutionising the genre

The couple are entwined on a small bed in a dormitory room in New York City. Young and inexperienced, they fumble at each other’s clothes, his hands all over her. The camera draws in nearer, almost uncomfortably stark and intimate in the way of all mumblecore movies about the awkward first stages of a new relationship. But this is not an independent film. This is a video game, and the woman on the bed is played by its designer, Nina Freeman. It’s a long way from Call of Duty.

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