Moshi Monsters removed from advertising ‘blacklist’

Owner Mind Candy admits communication breakdown with ASA over pushing subscriptions to kids and resolves issues

Moshi Monsters has been removed from an advertising “blacklist” after admitting a “communication breakdown” with the UK regulator over a failure to comply with an order to stop pushing kids to get paid subscriptions to the hugely popular children’s website.

Earlier this week the Advertising Standards Authority took the unusual step of launching a “name and shame” campaign against Moshi Monsters after the company failed to abide by a ruling published in August that its marketing practices broke the UK code on social responsibility, as well as direct exhortation and undermining parental authority.

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Motorola’s Moto X Force smartphone has ‘unbreakable screen’

Display that has been three years in the making ‘will not break no matter how many times the phone is dropped’, and is covered by four-year guarantee

Motorola has made a very bold claim. It says its latest top-end Android smartphone has a screen that’s not just shatter-resistant but shatterproof, no matter how many times you drop the phone.

If the screen does break in normal use, which includes drops, impacts and falls, but excludes deliberate abuse, Motorola will replace it under a four-year guarantee. .

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Halo 5: Guardians launch ad brings the house(s) down

BMW taps into golfing superstitions, Domino’s effects a funny angle, Breast Cancer Now’s astonishing effort and Acura makes customer care claims

This Acura advert from the US will have extra resonance for anyone who enjoyed Channel 4’s series Humans as it taps into the same uncanny sense of otherness we get when we see near perfect replicas of our species. It isn’t clear at first why the engineer is strapping these “people” into the car but when the penny drops, it delivers a clever claim about Acura’s customer care.
Agency: Mullen Lowe
Director: Peter Thwaites

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Ad break: Acura, Domino’s Pizza, Halo 5: Guardians, BMW, and Breast Cancer Now

Our latest instalment of new advertising work from around the world starts and ends with extraordinarily touching pieces of work … with very different aims. A US advert for Acura demonstrates how much the car’s engineers care about the people who buy their vehicles, while a UK film for charity Breast Cancer Now uses astonishing frankness to draw attention to the disease’s victims. In between, Domino’s Pizza has us questioning our own memories in a quirky nostalgia-based advert; Halo 5 begins its big Christmas push with a bombastic piece of communication; and BMW claims superstition goes out of the window when you have a chance to drive one of their cars

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Console game Titanfall to spawn a series of freemium mobile games

Partnership between developer Respawn Entertainment and free-to-play firm Nexon sees both invest in mobile studio that makes the games

First-person shooter Titanfall made a big impact when it stomped on to PC and Xbox consoles in 2014. Now the game is squeezing its giant mechanised armoured transports down for smartphone and tablet screens.

Its developer Respawn Entertainment has struck a deal with free-to-play games firm Nexon that will see both investing in mobile developer Particle City, which will be creating several mobile games based on Titanfall.

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