Never finished Grandia II on the Dreamcast? You can transfer your save to the PC port

If hearing that the classic Dreamcast JRPG Grandia II was headed to Steam gave you the urge to revisit the original console version of the game, you’ll be glad to know you can transfer that save to the new PC version and keep playing.

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Silicon Valley billionaires-in-waiting may face reckoning amid stock panic

Venture capitalists and market analysts warn that Chinese ripple effect could force tech startup ‘unicorns’ to settle for buyouts instead of going public

Silicon Valley startups basking in billion-dollar valuations may face a long-overdue reckoning as a result of the global panic set off by roiling Chinese markets, investors and analysts have warned.

The number of technology companies with so-called “unicorn” designations of $1bn or more reached at least 131 on Monday, as healthcare websites, big-data firms and even Buzzfeed joined the kings of a new digital economy like Uber ($51bn) and Fitbit ($3.7bn).

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Jeremy Clarkson’s Amazon show won’t get a big UK audience, says Piers Morgan

Former Top Gear trio ‘won’t be getting mobbed’ in their home country after their move to ‘Amazon Past Their Prime’, claims journalist and ex-CNN presenter

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May’s Amazon show is unlikely to get many viewers in the UK, Piers Morgan has claimed.

The former Top Gear trio signed a $250m (£160m) deal last month to front a new motoring show on Amazon Prime Instant Video.

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Sony’s new camera drone flies like a plane with vertical takeoff

Japanese joint venture, called Aerosense, with robotics startup ZMP shows off new prototype for aerial surveillance and reconnaissance for businesses

Sony has unveiled its latest camera drone prototype which is capable of taking off vertically and flying like an aeroplane.

The drone, which resembles the short takeoff and landing variant of the Lockheed Martin F35 fighter jet made famous by a brief appearance in the film Die Hard 4.0, is the product of Sony’s joint venture with robotics startup ZMP.

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Russia bans Wikipedia over page relating to drug use

Court orders ban on page about charas, an Indian form of hashish, but some Russian users find entire site blocked due to secure https protocol

Russian authorities briefly banned the entire Wikipedia site over a page relating to drug use which the site had refused to edit or delete.

The ban was quickly lifted on Tuesday, before it had even gone into effect for most Russian internet users, but not before the news had created a wave of panic in the country’s online community. There is increasing concern in Russia about a crackdown on internet freedom.

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