10 of the best football apps and games

With the new season well underway, here’s a handpicked selection of apps and games for fans of the beautiful game

Football: bloody hell! After a summer of Fifa shenanigans, it’s good to be back in the swing of the club season.

Jose Mourinho is scowling and firing his blamecannon; Arsenal have a dodgy keeper; Sunderland are making my school team (1997-98 season: played one, lost one, scored two, let in 14) look like Barcelona; mascots are giving children nightmares… It’s like the beautiful game never went away.

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Sexism in the gaming industry is like a zombie apocalypse all day, every day | Brianna Wu

One year on from Gamergate, abuse is still rife for women. And it’s not just the trolls who are to blame

The terrible one-year anniversary of Gamergate is nearly here, and the women that make your games are war-weary, exhausted by a cultural battle that we never asked for. We are professionals trying to do our job, screamed at by children who don’t want girls in their clubhouse.

Elizabeth Sampat is one of these professionals. She’s a game designer at PopCap, one of the most successful studios in the world. In the aftermath of Gamergate, she’s struggling with an ethical dilemma. She’s uncomfortable asking girls to enter the game industry, knowing the abuse they will inevitably face. “I will no longer participate in encouraging young women and girls to become game industry professionals,” wrote Sampat in a popular Facebook post. “I will continue to fight tooth and nail for every woman who is currently here. But until the industry and gaming culture improves, it’s unethical.”

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Viral video: Kelly Clarkson, Donald Trump, Chris Eubank and Frankenstein

Tinder profiles and Trump’s tweets get the musical treatment, Daniel Radcliffe hopes for a monster hit, and Alan Partridge’s youth hostel dream becomes reality

We start this week with a couple of great clips which feature putting words found on social media to music. Three-time Grammy winner Kelly Clarkson takes the profiles of people using the dating app Tinder and turns them into big ballads. Meanwhile, also on the Jimmy Kimmel show, singer, songwriter and producer Josh Groban croons the tweets of US presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

It’s been 18 years since comic Steve Coogan’s character Alan Partridge pitched the idea of a series to a BBC executive called Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank. Now Partridge’s dream has come true with a very funny clip featuring the former boxing champion.

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Ashley Madison members should come clean or risk extortion – video

Identity protection analyst Adam Levin says Ashley Madison members should come clean instead of waiting to be discovered or risking becoming the victim of extortion. Thousands of relationships and reputations are at risk after the release of customer data, including more than 15,000 government and military email addresses, from the infidelity website

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