What happened when I tried to delete my Ashley Madison account

Hackers have threatened to release details of all 37 million profiles – including one belonging to a Guardian journalist who registered while investigating site

Hackers threatened to release the identity and credit card details of 37 million adulterers on Monday. And it turns out I was one of them.

I set up an Ashley Madison profile last year to investigate the site’s claims to have built an “infidelity map of the UK”. But when I attempted to delete my account, I was presented with a £15 charge. Given the service runs on discretion, I decided my personal information would probably be safe and I forgot all about it until last night.

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Ashley Madison customer service in meltdown as site battles hack fallout

Reps claim system is ‘completely secured’ and that hackers ‘weren’t successful’, while denying more than 2,500 customer records have been released

Extramarital dating site Ashley Madison is in disarray with its customer service centre telling users their accounts are secure despite the company admitting its user records have been stolen.

More than 2,500 customer records have been released to the public by attackers who claim to have stolen the total database of 37m user accounts.

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