Trouble on Kickstarter as two massive projects hit the rocks

Coolest starts selling its fancy beer cooler on Amazon to ‘keep the lights on’, while Zano just goes bust

Try as it might to instil an element of professionalism on its site, Kickstarter disasters still seem to be an alarmingly common occurrence.

Even so, it’s rare for two major projects to run into trouble on the same day, but that’s what happened on Tuesday. First, the British “nano drone” Zano declared bankruptcy less than a year after it raised a record £2.3m in funding. And then the Coolest Cooler, the second highest-grossing kickstarter campaign of all time, angered its backers by turning to Amazon to sell stock in an effort to raise enough money to continue production of its units for backers themselves.

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New York City police department confirms hoverboards are illegal

Hoverboards are prohibited by state law since they are motor vehicles that can’t be registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles, NYPD spokesman says

Sorry Marty McFly – not in New York. The Big Apple is banning “hoverboards” from its streets, the New York City police department has confirmed.

The ban on the futuristic-looking self-balancing scooters follows a similar one in London and follows concerns that their growing popularity is causing problems on the city’s streets and sidewalks.

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