Airbnb pays Paris €1.2m in tourist taxes

Online rental website hands over first instalment after striking agreement with city authorities to collect levy on each night’s stay

The accommodation rental web platform Airbnb – which last year agreed to start charging users in Paris a tourist tax – handed over nearly €1.2m (£900,000 ) to city authorities in the last quarter of 2015, the municipality said.

Airbnb reached an agreement with the Paris authorities in 2015 and since October has charged users a tourist tax of 83 euro cents per night, which it then passes on to the local authority.

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DT Giveaway: iBUYPOWER MEK keyboard

Every serious gamer knows a mechanical keyboard is the way to go. The tactile feel they provide can’t be beat, and the wide variety of switch and key-cap options means every gamer can find the perfect peripheral. The only problem is the price. Thankfully, iBuyPower and Digital Trends have teamed up to help our readers. […]

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Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice used private accounts for classified emails

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has seized on findings that Rice and Powell were sent sensitive national security information to nongovernment email addresses

Hillary Clinton’s campaign claimed vindication in the long-running emails saga on Thursday when it emerged that two Republican secretaries of state had also received information later deemed classified on personal accounts.

The state department watchdog found that both Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice, America’s top diplomats under president George W Bush, were sent sensitive national security information to nongovernment email addresses.

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