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The Bank of America Merrill Lynch report (Resistance is useless, 5 November) misses the point. As robots take over the jobs in the service industries of bankers, doctors and drivers, as well as many manufacturing jobs, there is the potential for many new directions, with associated jobs. This fourth industrial revolution, led by robots, signals both doom and opportunity – but this time the route taken rests even more on intelligent human reaction: in this case, education.

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Amazon and Argos go head-to-head with same-day delivery

Amazon launches Prime Same Day – free to Prime subscribers but £9.99 for others – a day before Argos unveils its free service

Amazon and Argos delivery drivers will be racing each other to shoppers’ front doors from tomorrow, as the retailers go head-to-head with a same-day delivery service.

Amazon has launched Prime Same Day, allowing customers of its Prime service to order goods before noon and receive them between 6pm and 10pm.

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