Millennials, technology will not save your generation

The second dotcom boom may seem like a way for money to flow from older, richer people to talented young entrepreneurs. But it hasn’t worked out that way

Picture a startup founder.

Chances are you went straight for a Mark Zuckerberg-type: male, white, nerdy and, above all, young. Zuckerberg founded Facebook in 2004, three years after the collapse of the dotcom bubble, at the age of 20.

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Sequoia Capital partner quits Silicon Valley firm over sex abuse claims

Michael Goguen says he will focus on clearing his name over allegations he abused Amber Baptiste for 13 years

A partner at Sequoia Capital has left the renowned Silicon Valley venture capital firm days after a lawsuit was filed accusing him of sexually abusing a woman and not honouring an agreement to compensate her.

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Golem review – tyranny of technology in a fantastically drab and dull Britain

Dunstan Playhouse, Adelaide festival centre
Dark side of ubiquitous handheld devices revealed in part Beetlejuice, part Terry Gilliam-esque tale paired with breathtaking projections

These days, we are our devices – or maybe our devices are us.

Whatever way we look at it, the powerful little computers that we carry around in our pockets give us everything. We want for nothing. We shop on them, get our news, talk to our friends (verbally or by text, messenger app, Whatsapp, email), find our partners – romantic / sexual / other (Tinder, Happn), we broadcast images of ourselves and the world around us (Snapchat, Instagram), we telegraph our thoughts (Twitter, Facebook), maps pop up to tell us where to eat and where to shop, we stream music and talks that we listen to as we walk.

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