Google Street View car pureed at Spanish tomato-throwing festival

Tomatina festivalgoers wreck vehicle sent in to film pitched battle between juice-drenched fruit flingers, breaking windows, mirrors and cameras

When Google sent a Street View car into the Tomatina festival the plan was to capture “the magic and colour” of the messy event from all angles, but instead it ended up with footage of tomato-drenched revellers trashing the car.

Google dedicated a special doodle to the 70th anniversary of the event that is held on the last Wednesday in August in Buñol in eastern Spain.

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Amazon Underground aims to make Android apps and games ‘actually free’

Internet retailer will suck up the costs of in-app purchases on customers’ behalf, paying developers $0.002 per minute their apps are used

In-app purchases may have become the dominant way for developers to make money from charging for their apps, but Amazon’s new app takes a sledgehammer to the model.

Well, in a sense. Amazon Underground is an app for Android smartphones that offers a catalogue of apps and games with their in-app purchases all reduced to zero. Users can still “buy” virtual currency and items, but Amazon will pay for them – touting an “actually free” slogan.

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Adult colouring books? Inevitably, there’s an app for that

Developer behind Repix and Relook photography apps turns its attention to stressed-out smartphone and tablet users

The theory behind colouring books for adults is that they relieve the stress and anger of our daily lives, even if their very existence makes some critics purple-faced with rage.

These books are a bona fide publishing industry trend, though: boosting business for retailer WHSmith in the UK, fuelling a rise in non-fiction sales for US publishers, and helping Amazon chill out some of its customers in south London.

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