TalkTalk attack: government urged to do more on cyber​​crime

Institute of Directors says police should make cybercrime an urgent priority while the government and companies must do more

A leading business group has urged the government to take more action on cybercrime after hackers seized the personal information and bank details of up to 4 million TalkTalk customers.

Police are investigating a ransom demand sent to the telecoms company after its chief executive, Dido Harding, said a person claiming to be the hacker had contacted her directly and demanded money in exchange for the data.

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Obfuscation: how leaving a trail of confusion can beat online surveillance

The art of obfuscation has a grand history, from ‘I’m Spartacus!’ to ghost radar in WWII. Could the same blurred approach give us more freedom online?

At the heart of Cambridge University, there’s a library tower filled with 200,000 forgotten books. Rumoured by generations of students to hold the campus collection of porn, Sir Gilbert Scott’s tower is, in fact, filled with pocket books. Guides, manuals, tales and pamphlets for everyday life, deemed insufficiently scholarly for the ordinary collection, they stand preserved as an extraordinary relic of past preoccupations.

One new guide in the handbook tradition – and one that is decidedly on point for 2015 – is the slim, black, cloth-bound volume, Obfuscation: A User’s Guide for Privacy and Protest, published by MIT Press. A collaboration between technologist Finn Brunton and philosopher Helen Nissenbaum, both of New York University, Obfuscation packs utility, charm and conviction into its tightly-composed 100-page core. This is a thin book, but its ambition is vast.

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GameCity 2015: wake up with the Guardian – live!

Every morning this week, Guardian games editor Keith Stuart and games writer Jordan Erica Webber are broadcasting a live chat show from the GameCity festival in Nottingham

The GameCity festival kicks off today in Nottingham’s National Videogame Arcade. The annual event, now in its tenth year, showcases games from around the world, from the smallest indie treats to the biggest Triple A hits.

Every day of the festival, Guardian games editor Keith Stuart and games writer Jordan Erica Webber will be hosting a morning chat show, featuring developers showing their games at the event. And we’re streaming live from 8.45am each morning.

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On the road: Seat Ibiza 1.2 TSI 90PS Connect – car review

‘I was glad of the wipe-clean characterlessness, but that’s because I was with my mum, who had a nosebleed’

It’s hot, it’s cheap and it’s a hatch: that’s what people love about the Seat Ibiza. That’s why, once you’re in one, you suddenly notice that everybody else is too. That’s why people overlook the floaty and unresponsive steering, and the crummy, hire-car interior. I was glad of the greyscale, plasticky innards, the wipe-clean characterlessness, but that’s because most of my journeys were with my mum, who had a nosebleed.

There were a few vexing touches to the interior: the oddment stowage between the seats is placed quite high, so you can’t get your spare arm comfortable, and the parking brake feels a bit tinny, to name two. But the fabric seats are plush-ish, and the look of the dash is intuitive and unintimidating. It is unusually simple to figure out; you feel like it’s your own immediately. I have a family member – let’s call her my sister – who finds it terrifying when a driver doesn’t know how to turn windscreen wipers on. She takes this to be roughly in the region of not knowing where the brakes are. I had no trouble with her at all in this vehicle, which is more than I can say for next week.

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Venezuela sues currency website over claims of cyberterrorism

Complaint filed in US accuses Venezuelan exiles of sowing economic chaos through website DolarToday which tracks black market value of bolivar

Venezuela’s central bank has filed suit in the US against a website widely used to track the plummeting black market value of the country’s currency.

In an unusual complaint filled with images, high-flown language and even links to journalists’ personal websites, the bank alleged that managers of the site DolarToday are committing cyberterrorism and sowing economic chaos. The suit seeks to shut down the operation and exact monetary damages.

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