VW ‘close to agreement with US regulators’ over emissions scandal

Vehicle manufacturer negotiating how to recall half a million diesel cars in US after episode which “disappointed the American people”, top executive says

A senior Volkswagen executive has apologised to German consumers and said that the German car maker is close to reaching an agreement with US regulators on how it will recall some half a million cars that have illegally exceeded emissions targets for years.

Dr Herbert Diess, Volkswagen’s CEO of passenger vehicles, told a packed audience at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas the company was “focused on ensuring something like this can never happen again”.

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Why Twitter is right to expand to 10,000 characters – in 10,000 characters

Would a new character limit be good news for open debate on Twitter – or would the end of brevity just be an excuse for more ads?

What if Twitter ends up letting you make 10,000-character tweets? Well, why not?

At last, we’ll have plenty of room to couch our situational comments in actual context. We’ve all been there before: Ttwo years ago, you livetweeted a movie. And yet, today, you get a baffled reply to one of the two year-old livetweets from a stranger, who didn’t get your joke, or who didn’t understand what you meant. They might not even realize that you were watching a movie! Who are these people? Your tweet had a context, once. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had enough space, enough characters, for it to have a context forever?

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Netflix, Spotify and Apple power UK entertainment revenue to record £6.1bn

Sales of Adele’s 25 slow decline in music sales enough for music spending to rise for the first time in at least a decade

UK revenue from music, TV shows, films and video games hit an all-time high of £6.1bn in 2015 thanks to the booming popularity of digital services offered by players including Netflix, Amazon, Spotify and Apple.

A surge in digital spending combined with the mega-selling new album by Adele hauled the total UK music market to its first growth in at least a decade, up 3.5% to £1.06bn. The UK music industry saw the number of streams almost double to 27m and physical sales, while flat, were greater than they have been for a decade.

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