Mark Zuckerberg speaks in support of Muslims after week of ‘hate’

Facebook founder says Muslims are always welcome following row over Donald Trump saying they should be banned from entering the US

Mark Zuckerberg has spoken out in support of Muslims in the wake of a backlash following the Paris attacks and – in an apparent reference to a call by US presidential candidate Donald Trump to ban them from entering the country – what the Facebook founder described as “the hate” this week.

Citing his Jewish background in a post on his Facebook page, he said that he wanted to add his voice in support of Muslims “in our community and around the world”.

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Hands on: Destiny Sparrow Racing League

Destiny’s new racing event finds a great use for the game’s awesome but underplayed vehicles. Ever since planet-hopping shooter Destiny offered players the chance to jump on what are essentially Return of the Jedi’s speeder bikes to jet around Mars and the moon, players have been waiting for the chance to hone their hovering jetbike racing […]

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