Instagram, an artist and the $100,000 selfies – appropriation in the digital age

Richard Prince has turned borrowing online images into high art – and hard cash. But is the artist’s work anything other than genius trolling?

It’s a question as old as art itself: “Yeah, but is it art?

Type it into Google and get 1.26 billion results. It lends itself to book titles, television series and conversations between white walls, whetted by prosecco.

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On the road: BMW i3 – car review

‘The steering is so responsive, it made me want to zigzag down the road for a laugh’

All the problems you might encounter with a BMW i3 will be because you have not planned your life around having one. You can’t charge it with an extension cable, so even if you have a plug installed in your forecourt (who has a forecourt?), parking must reach it. I was charging up with a cord 30m down my road, hopping in and out of the house to apologise to passersby.

The mileometer is maddening: a promised 16 miles morphs mysteriously into 10 after you’ve gone down two streets. The company claims a range of 100 miles, thanks to its incredible battery: on the controls, it goes up to 80. But that comes with more riders than a presidential entourage: it depends on climate, driving style, weight of driver, weight of passenger, weight of handbag.

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Large-scale online pirates to face up to 10 years’ jail under ministers’ proposals

Consultation calls for maximum sentence to be vastly increased so penalties for online offences tally with those for copyright infringement of physical goods

Commercial infringement of copyright online should in future be punishable by up to 10 years in prison, ministers are proposing.

A consultation launched by the Intellectual Property Office and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills is calling for the present maximum sentence of two years to be significantly increased.

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