Ryan Reynolds appears as Deadpool in Honest Trailer

Actor dressed as the foul-mouthed antihero cheerfully admits his movie stole its opening sequence from the web series, for which he’s ‘way too big of a deal’

Superhero movie Deadpool took us to meta defcon one earlier in the year with its constant breaking of the fourth wall and self-reflexive badinage about the standard tropes of comic book movies. But it appears the world just found out there’s yet another level to be reached before brains everywhere explode at the sheer inter-cannibalisation of it all. Yes, star Ryan Reynolds has appeared in the Honest Trailers trailer for his own movie. As Deadpool.

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The $20,000 iPod: vintage Apple products net the big bucks on eBay

Like baseball cards and Beanie Babies, old-school Apple products have become lucrative collectables that are selling online for thousands of dollars

If you are one of those people who hoards old electronics, then you might be able to cash in those iPods from the early 2000’s for a few hundred dollars – or even tens of thousands.

Like baseball cards from the 60s, Star Wars figurines from the 80s, or Beanie Babies from the 90s, iPods from the early 2000s are becoming the latest collectible items to be trading at frankly ludicrous prices on auctions sites like eBay – especially since Apple announced in September 2014 that it was discontinuing the iPod.

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Six reasons why everyone is hating on Call of Duty

The trailer for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare title has been disliked more than a million times. What has happened to the world’s favourite shooter?

They’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire in Earth’s outer orbit. Cities blasted to rubble by invading battle craft. And how have they reacted to these precious moments? By down-voting the absolute crap out of them on YouTube.

Yes, this is the news that the trailer for the latest Call of Duty title – the modestly named Infinite Warfare – has received a record number of dislikes on the video-sharing platform. Right now the figure stands at 1,689,649, a hate benchmark that social scientists are calling “well into Justin Bieber territory”.

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Facebook launches facial recognition app in Europe (without facial recognition)

The social network wants you to share more pictures, and its new app Moments is how it’s going to encourage that – if it isn’t scuppered by data protection law

Almost a year after it came out in the US, Facebook is releasing its facial recognition-powered photo app Moments in Europe.

Except the new version won’t actually include any facial recognition technology, thanks to the company’s long-running fight with the Irish data protection commissioner over whether the technology is actually legal in the EU.

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Facebook at 10 – 2014 archive Tech Weekly podcast

In this podcast originally published in February 2014, the Guardian’s tech team discuss the impact of Mark Zuckerberg’s social network on our lives

On this episode of Tech Weekly, Aleks Krotoski looks back over Facebook’s first 10 years. Aleks is joined by John Naughton, professor of public understanding of technology at the Open University and author of From Gutenberg to Zuckerberg: What You Really Need to Know About the Internet. John discusses his fear that Facebook is in danger of swallowing the web.

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