Long-term effects of virtual reality use need more research, say scientists

Many VR side-effects are believed to be temporary and leave no lasting damage, but there have been few long-term studies into use of the technology

Virtual reality might be marching into the mainstream, but questions remain about its long-term effects, scientists say.

With a handful of virtual reality (VR) headsets on the market already, and more on their way with Sony announcing this week it will release a PlayStation set in October, the impact of such devices on eyesight, the brain and behaviour is still being established.

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Coming soon to a screen strapped to your face: virtual reality is back

Sony, Oculus and HTC should all settle in for the long haul – having the first launch or selling cheapest at Christmas won’t be enough to win the war

Sometimes it seems like thebattle to be the must-have Christmas gift starts earlier every year. On Tuesday, 2016’s battle began in earnest, with the announcement of Sony’s virtual reality headset, the PlayStation VR.

The headset, which will cost £350 on its launch in October, is the third such device to be revealed in last few months. It will launch to stiff competition from Facebook-owned VR firm Oculus and Taiwanese hardware firm HTC, each of which are bringing their own versions to the market in the coming weeks.

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Orange Diva 2016 bike review: ‘It’s very Yorkshire: doing a chuffing good job at a fair price’

Front suspension, large wheels and a wide range of gears help Helen Pidd survive a demanding mountain bike trail

I belong to two cycling clubs. One is women-only and the other is all-male except me. Team Glow prides itself on female empowerment, encouraging women to achieve more than they ever thought possible: whether riding 112 miles of the Fred Whitton or slogging up the 23% gradient of Mow Cop in Cheshire without putting a foot down. From easy “A” rides, through Bs, Cs to dastardly Ds, women cheer you on all the way.

It doesn’t work like that in Team Rioja. Zero allowances are made for new members’ weaknesses. “Stop mithering” is a favourite catchphrase of AK, a founder member. He once claimed he couldn’t physically pedal as slowly as me on some climbs.

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Lufthansa jumbo reports near miss with drone over Los Angeles

The passenger jet was close to landing when a drone flew 200ft overhead, fuelling concerns about the safety of the craft

The pilot of a Lufthansa passenger jumbo jet has reported that a drone aircraft nearly collided with his airliner on its landing approach to Los Angeles, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

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