Christmas may nearly be upon us, but in video games the end of the world is nigh

So much for good cheer: in the major games releases, it’s all about Armageddon

It may well be the season to be jolly but even at this time of the year we remain obsessed with the end of the world: one of the biggest sellers for Christmas 2015 is the post nuclear-apocalypse of Fallout 4 and its ragged wasteland’s grim battle for survival.

Look at the big games releases of the past decade or so and you’ll see Armageddon everywhere: nuclear war, alien invasion, technological singularity, fatal political ideology, attack of the flower people. Gamers have survived it all. But just what is it that makes us so enamoured with dystopia and apocalypse?

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Where there’s a quill … help to unpick manuscripts from the days of Shakespeare

A new project is putting manuscripts from letters to recipes online for volunteers to read and translate

Hang up your hose and ditch your doublet – there’s a new way to experience Shakespeare’s era. An online project is asking volunteers to tease apart the spidery scrawl of manuscripts to reveal new insights into daily life as it was more than 400 years ago.

Launching on Thursday, Shakespeare’s World is a joint project between crowdsourcing organisation Zooniverse, the Oxford English Dictionary and Folger Shakespeare Library, and features a multitude of manuscripts penned by the Bard’s contemporaries from letters to recipes.

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Best reader Raspberry Pi projects – and some of the most pointless

From musical tweetbots to rejeuvenated and repurposed arcade games and cameras, here are some of the best hacks and projects you told us about

After reporting the Rapberry Pi foundation was offering its latest unit for free with the £5.99 MagPi magazine, we asked readers to share the ideas and projects they’d been working on to get the best out of the British built computers.

The Raspberry Pi Zero sold out within days, but with other iterations having been on the market since 2012 there’s already a thriving community building on the foundation pieces of kit, with conventional add-ons as well as, well, slightly more eccentric items.

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Google Nexus 5X battery tips

The Nexus 5X is a good device, but its relatively small battery means it can run out of puff too soon. Get more power with the help of our Google Nexus 5X battery tips.

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