Teen’s video of handgun-toting drone prompts federal investigation

Connecticut 18-year-old faces scrutiny from FAA as well as local police after posting 14-second clip online that shows drone firing shots

An 18-year-old Connecticut man may be in trouble with federal aviation officials after posting a video online that shows shots being fired from a drone that had been rigged with a handgun.

The FAA said Tuesday it is investigating whether Austin Haughwout of Clinton violated its regulations, which prohibit the careless or reckless operation of a model aircraft.

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Carter Reynolds’ Twitter spat is a poor advert for social media

A banal spat between two teenagers tells a sorry tale of over-sharing, the currency of teenage sexuality and the vulnerability of growing up in public

I’m always quick to defend the internet against charges of toxicity. It is home to so much that’s positive, but there’s no doubting it can be a despairing space. Ellen Pao, former chief executive of Reddit, wrote earlier this week in the Washington Post that “the trolls are winning”.

There’s online misogyny, cyberbullying, hacking and god knows how many irritating mail shots from political parties. And there’s no better marker of how un-fun the internet can be than the ongoing Twitter conversation between Vine star Carter Reynolds and his ex-girlfriend Maggie Lindemann, who split in December 2014.

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