Robots are coming for your job … and that’s not all – Tech Weekly podcast

Robots aren’t just after your job, they’re after the overthrow of the whole economic system

We’ve heard it before: robots are coming over here and stealing our jobs. But this time they’re about to take over a whole new section of the workforce as the latest algorithms are already making some white collar job obsolete.

But what effect could this rapid rise in automation have on our economic system as a whole? Are we about to be hit by one of the most important societal shifts since the industrial revolution?

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Optoma NuForce BE6 review: Bluetooth earbuds worth buying

These new aluminium wire-freeheadphones sound better than most. Linked by a subtle cable, they clip to each other magnetically – but battery life could be better

Bluetooth earbuds offer the holy grail of wire-free listening without the bulk of headphones. Optoma’s new NuForce BE6 promise better sound and a premium aluminium design, but are they worth the extra cost over cheaper rivals?

The NuForce BE6 are about as simple and understated as Bluetooth earbuds can get.

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Flying photographer captures a jewel in the desert

Alexander Heilner’s startling images reveal beauties we do not see

“We were flying above a huge , immense desert,” says photographer, Alexander Heilner. “It was a monochromatic, rusty red colour as far as the eye could see, but in the middle was this jewel of blue and white.”

It was neither oasis nor mirage. Part of the Intrepid mine, the vivid azure lagoon, so at odds with the surrounding Utah desert, is a potash evaporation pond, vital for fertiliser.

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Stare and you’ll ruffle my feathers – the clothing that reacts to your gaze

Artist Behnaz Farahi has created a ‘conscious’ garment that moves

It’s a garment that might attract a second glance – made as it is of an unusual array of 3D printed quills. But beware, the scrutiny is mutual. Designed by LA-based artist and architect Behnaz Farahi and on show at the Artists in Residence exhibition, Pier 9, Autodesk in San Francisco next month, this stylish top, titled Caress of the Gaze, is “conscious” – the cropped tunic has a concealed eye-tracking camera that allows the garment to respond physically to a passing stare.

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