Uber hits back at claims of thousands of rape and sexual assault complaints

Company says customer-service tickets including ‘rape’ often involve misspellings of ‘rate’ and customers claiming ‘you raped my wallet’

Uber has hit back at a report that it has received thousands of customer complaints about rape and sexual assault.

The company claimed that it received five complaints alleging rape and 170 with a “legitimate claim of sexual assault” between December 2012 and August 2015, in response to leaked internal data published by BuzzFeed.

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The secret life of a games programmer: I’ve lived my dream and it came up short | Anonymous

‘Passion’ meant working six days a week –16-hour days. I still play games, but having seen the inside of the sausage factory they’ll never be the same again

At the age of 11, I wrote my own version of Space Invaders. Someone I met on the internet who I knew only as “Mit” (it was a more trusting time) gave me the code. I muddled my way through the logic of enemies sliding back and forth, collisions and player controls, and after a few weeks was completely hooked. I loved playing computer games, and now I could make my own: I knew that I definitely wanted to become a games programmer.

When I left university, it was in the middle of the last economic meltdown and buying games wasn’t really people’s top priority. The whole industry was going through a massive round of layoffs, so jobs were thin on the ground. In the end I was incredibly lucky, landing a junior role at a major UK studio owned by a console manufacturer just after they had made some more experienced engineers redundant.

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Livescribe Smartpen 3 Black Edition review: the Pen 2.0

Halfway between a stylus and a pen, the Smartpen 3 writes on paper but captures your notes and drawings digitally with added audio tied to your strokes

The pen hasn’t changed much since the successful invention of the ballpoint pen in 1938. We’ve had pressurised containers that work in space, different types of ink and slicker ball designs, but fundamentally it works the same way it always has.

The stylus is arguably the next evolution of the pen – a pen without ink. For many, however, it is a step too far, lacking the tactility of pen on paper and ditching the best thing about a ballpoint pen: it can write just about anywhere without any special equipment.

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Audience takes centre stage in pioneering virtual reality dance film

Acmi join forces with Sydney Dance Company for an immersive film that combines choreography with virtual reality, allowing the audience to view the production from all angles

How do you capture a stage show on screen? The challenge has always been to somehow translate the multidimensional experience of live performance – in which the spectator chooses where to focus attention – to the guided eye of film, where it’s the director who decides what to zoom in on, and for how long.

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