BBC iPlayer ‘watched by more than 60 million people outside the UK for free’

Research finds more than 38 million people in China are using VPNs or proxy servers to watch BBC shows – and could be a useful source of revenue

More than 60 million people around the world are bypassing internet restrictions to watch the BBC’s shows online.

New research has claimed that 65 million people from abroad watch the broadcaster’s licence-fee funded iPlayer service using proxy servers or virtual private networks, which are able to mask the location of the user.

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Twitter removes background images from timeline, but there’s already a fix

A coder has already produced a chrome plugin to reverse Twitter’s change, allowing background images to be restored for users

Twitter users are no longer able to set their own background pictures as they browse the site, after the company quietly turned off the much-loved feature and replaced backgrounds with a uniform light grey.

User-set backgrounds will still be visible when a specific user’s feed, or individual tweet, is visited. But when browsing the home timeline, users are now faced with a plain background, rather than one of their own choice.

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Facebook, Google, Dell, HP, eBay back Samsung in patent war with Apple

Silicon Valley companies rally around Samsung with supporting statement arguing that Apple’s patent litigation is damaging to the industry

Google, Facebook, Dell, HP, eBay and a collection of other large Silicon Valley companies have sided with Samsung in its battle over patents with Apple.

The coalition filed a motion with the US Federal Circuit Court of Appeals supporting Samsung’s appeal over damages related to alleged patent infringement, saying that the ruling will have “significant detrimental consequences for the continued development of useful modern technologies” if left to stand.

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Donald Trump unwittingly retweets photo of murderer

US presidential hopeful believed he had received supportive tweet with picture of ‘Vietnam vet’ during controversy over McCain criticism

Donald Trump has been duped once again into retweeting a fake picture, this time of a “Vietnam vet” who is in fact a murderer.

The tycoon and US presidential hopeful, who is under fire for criticising the Vietnam war record of the 2008 Republican candidate John McCain, retweeted an endorsement from a person he believed to be the son of a Vietnam veteran on Monday night.

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