Facebook charged with housing discrimination in targeted ads

US government says social media company is breaking the law by restricting who can view housing-related ads on its site

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (Hud) has charged Facebook with violating the Fair Housing Act, alleging that the company’s targeted advertising discriminated on the basis of race and color.

In a statement, Hud said Facebook was breaking the law by restricting who can view housing-related adverts on its site, which the department said “unlawfully discriminates based on race, color, national origin, religion, familial status, sex, and disability”.

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Huawei poses national security risks, says UK watchdog

NCSC report casts doubt over Chinese firm’s future involvement in telecoms

The government-led watchdog set up to vet Huawei products has given a damning report on the cyber security risks posed by the Chinese company’s involvement in the British telecommunications industry.

The annual report published by the Huawei oversight board, which is chaired by the head of GCHQ’s National Cyber Security Centre, said it has found further “significant technical issues in Huawei’s engineering processes leading to new risks in the UK telecommunications networks”.

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