Trump, ‘blackmail’ and a Pecker: Bezos delivers scandal with something for everyone

This convoluted tale – with lurid pics, private investigators and, naturally, Trump – seems to have captured the spirit of the age

Another Hollywood awards ceremony passed with the usual red carpet fashion show, earnest acceptance speeches and mingling of the rich and famous. So few found it remarkable when billionaire Jeff Bezos, chief executive of Amazon, was photographed at an after-party with TV presenter and helicopter pilot Lauren Sanchez.

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Is video killing the TV star? VidCon London heralds a YouTube revolution

The arrival of the popular US festival for vloggers in the UK is a reminder of the powerful forces changing children’s television

For people working in the outwardly bright and cheerful world of children’s television, the past week was not a happy one.

On Thursday, a report on the UK’s television viewing habits confirmed many of their worst fears. Among 4-to-15-year-olds last year, the hours of conventional or “linear” television viewed – that is, television watched at the time it was being broadcast – had fallen by 11% in 12 months. Among 16-to-24s, the decline was 15%: the biggest year-on-year drop ever recorded.

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Bloody brilliant: new emoji to symbolize menstruation welcomed

The red blood droplet with a period-positive message is hailed as a step forward but some see it as a half-measure

The newest emoji made crimson waves across the internet upon its unveiling this week – and that was exactly the point.

Plan International UK‘s fight for the cartoon red blood droplet – an emoji meant to symbolize menstruation – was almost poetically symbolic to the message it was trying to convey with it: that periods aren’t shameful.

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