Huawei security issues will take five years to fix, firm tells Commons

Tech giant pledges £1.5bn but compares process to replacing parts on moving train

Chinese technology giant Huawei has said security issues raised in a government report could take between three and five years to resolve.

In a letter to Norman Lamb MP, chairman of the House of Commons science and technology committee, the firm pledged to spend £1.5 billion over five years to address security issues flagged last year.

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Disability campaigners give to new emojis for 2019

Guide dogs, prosthetics and accessibility emojis welcomed by rights groups

From falafels to mischievous sloths, dozens of new emojis will bring greater diversity to messaging applications later this year, as the company behind the emojipedia responds to a number of campaigns.

The introduction of image-based characters such as hearing aids, wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs and guide dogs will help redress the under-representation of disabled people on the emoji keyboard, while there will also be a wider range of mixed gender and ethnicity couples for users to choose from.

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