Amazon confirms it pays UK business rates of only £63.4m

Figure, in written evidence to parliamentary inquiry, is almost £40m less than Next

Amazon has confirmed it pays UK business rates of only £63.4m, almost £40m less than Next, despite clocking up more than double the sales in the UK of the clothing and home retailer.

In written evidence to a parliamentary inquiry, the online specialist said its UK sales amounted to £8.77bn and it paid business rates on about 94 buildings and on a number of locker sites in the UK.

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Apple reportedly hires Facebook critic in privacy role

Sandy Parakilas, who worked at Facebook before opposing its use of personal data, ‘to work on data protection’

Apple has reportedly hired a former Facebook employee who blew the whistle on Facebook’s data-sharing policies exposed during the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Sandy Parakilas, a product manager at Facebook in 2011 and 2012, once gave evidence to the Commons about privacy abuses at Facebook and has been outspoken about the reportedly lax approach to data protection he witnessed at the social network during his time there.

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