Ready player one: the most anticipated games of 2019

Buzz Lightyear joins Kingdom Hearts, Harry Potter looks for the Pokémon Go effect, it’s party time down on the farm, and an avenging hero returns from the mists of Dreamcast time

(PlayStation 4, Xbox One) Disney and Pixar icons meet Japanese video-game heroes in this long-awaited role-player. Featuring worlds themed around Toy Story, Monsters Inc and Big Hero 6, among much else, this huge crossover adventure will hold some appeal for anyone who’s ever loved a Disney movie, which is surely just about everyone. Forgive the hopelessly convoluted plot and just enjoy fighting dark creatures with Donald Duck and Jack Sparrow.
Release: 29 January

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Smartphones to keep an eye on in 2019

Yes, the endless releasing of smartphones does not stop and brands already have clear in their minds the devices they intend to release during 2019. What will be the most interesting phone? Here are the ones to keep an eye on.

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‘We are not robots’: Amazon warehouse employees push to unionize

Workers announced launch of union push in response to working conditions as company says it does not recognize allegations

As Amazon’s workforce has more than doubled over the past three years, workers at Amazon fulfillment center warehouses in the United States have started organizing and pushing toward forming a union to fight back against the company’s treatment of its workers.

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‘Resign from Facebook’: experts offer Mark Zuckerberg advice for 2019

The CEO sets himself a personal challenge every new year. But after a bruising 12 months, what should he do next?

When Mark Zuckerberg began his annual “personal challenges” in 2009, he set the bar pretty low: he dressed like an adult every day for a year. Subsequent challenges were squarely in the realm of achievable New Year’s resolutions, from reading a book every two weeks and running a mile a day to starting to learn Mandarin and sending thank you notes.

But as Zuckerberg has transitioned his public image from the kid cosplaying as a business executive to the no-longer-quite-a-kid cosplaying as a statesman, his personal challenges have become something of a bellwether for how he is thinking about Facebook’s future. In 2016, when it seemed that Facebook’s challenges were still largely technological, he set out to build his own smart home system. In 2017, when political polarization was still being chalked up to filter bubbles, he embarked on a road trip around the US. And in 2018, when fake news and foreign interference were dominating headlines, he promised to buckle down and “focus on fixing” all of the various “issues” that had left the one-time prodigy looking more and more like a pariah.

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