Fortnite season 7, week 4 challenge guide: Launch fireworks at three locations

The season 7, week 4 challenges have arrived in Fortnite Battle Royale. The biggest challenge this week looks to be the Fortnite fireworks challenge where players must launch fireworks at three different locations on the map. Here’s how to complete it so you can receive this week’s reward.

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Online uproar as Instagram modifies its interface

Picture-sharing platform retracts horizontal-scrolling feature within an hour of ‘mistaken’ rollout

The photo-sharing social media site Instagram has apologised after rolling out a major change to the way users interact with its app to more users than intended – leading to an online outcry and the system being switched back within an hour.

The change meant that instead of scrolling through a feed of pictures from friends, as the app has worked since its launch in 2010, users had to tap to see more pictures.

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Elon Musk files to dismiss ‘pedo’ defamation lawsuit by British diver

Lawyers say Musk’s comments about man who helped rescue Thai team were free speech protected by the first amendment

Elon Musk has asked a US judge to dismiss a lawsuit by a British diver who helped rescue a boys soccer team trapped in a Thailand cave and said Musk defamed him by calling him a paedophile and child rapist.

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Purchases trough Alexa tripled this holiday season

Business is booming for Amazon – not just in the US, but worldwide. Millions more Amazon devices were purchased this year alone and more than one billion items were shipped with Prime this holiday season. More surprisingly, however, is that pruchases through voice assistant Alexa have tripled compared to last year.

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