Poll: what was the best app of 2018?

The year 2018 will come to an end soon and the time has come to take stock of the situation. Of all the Android apps that were released in 2018, which one is your favorite (excluding games)?

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Couple released without charge over Gatwick drone ‘could win libel payout’

Libel lawyer says Paul Gait and Elaine Kirk could win £75,000 from newspapers who identified them

The couple arrested and released without charge in relation to the Gatwick drone incident could win at least £75,000 from the newspapers who identified them, according to a leading libel lawyer.

Mark Stephens, head of media law at Howard Kennedy, said they had a strong legal case if they wished to pursue legal action: “Absent of a compelling reason and the police saying you can, you may not any longer identify people who have been arrested.

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