Cat Condo is the stupidest, most cynical game in the App Store. So why can’t I stop playing? | Tom Hawking

To win the game without spending money or watching ads, you tap your phone screen as fast as you can, nonstop, for 3,000 years

There’s a truism in the world of online media: if you’re not paying for the product, you are the product. The aphorism also holds true in the world of gaming – and particularly in the case of freemium phone apps.

You’re probably aware of these apps, if not the terminology: they arrive as free downloads, on the proviso that in order to access all their features you will either pay in time (through watching advertising) or money (via in-app purchases).

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Amazon meets public opposition at first hearing for New York headquarters

Protesters said move lacked public consultation as executives said massive investment would be good for the city

Amazon, the world’s wealthiest company, on Wednesday came head-to-head with public opposition to plans to build a new headquarters in New York as its executives said in the first in a series of hearings that its massive investment would be good for the city.

At a public hearing at New York’s city hall, Amazon executives faced protesters calling for the plan, which the company claims will create as many as 40,000 new jobs over the next 15 years, to be abandoned.

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New Jersey urged to enforce ‘code of conduct’ for Amazon workers

Report details dangerous and unstable work conditions in dozens of warehouse distribution centers for Amazon and other retailers

A coalition of labor advocacy groups is pushing New Jersey to enforce a “code of conduct” for warehouse workers at Amazon and other major online retailers, which includes a minimum wage, stabilized work hours and the right to unionise.

A report released on Wednesday by Warehouse Workers Stand Up, details the dangerous and unstable work conditions that exist in dozens of New Jersey warehouse distribution centers for Amazon and other retailers including Costco, Office Depot and Macy’s.

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