Huawei CFO committed fraud in breach of US sanctions, prosecutors say

Meng Wanzhou lied about links between telecoms giant and shell company, prosecutors told Vancouver court as she sought bail

A senior Chinese telecoms executive committed fraud when she lied about links between Huawei and a shell company used to sell telecommunications equipment to Iran in breach of US sanctions, Canadian prosecutors have told a Vancouver court.

Meng Wanzhou, Huawei’s chief financial officer, appeared in court on Friday as she sought bail in a case which has sparked a major international dispute between China and the US.

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Australia’s war on encryption: the sweeping new powers rushed into law

Australia has made itself a global guinea pig in testing a regime to crack encrypted communication

In the hit US TV series The Wire police are initially baffled when the criminal suspects they are investigating begin to communicate through photographic messages of clock faces.

After several seasons of plots driven by the legalities and logistics of setting up telephone intercepts on suspected drug dealers, the police can’t keep up when overheard conversations are replaced by an inscrutable form of pictorial code.

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Aston Martin is making its classic cars electric

Those of you nostalgic for old cars belonging to big brands like Aston Martin can finally make leaps of joy. The British brand has made its first electric car official, but it is not a new car: we are talking about the historic DB6 Volante from 1970.

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