Ex-Facebook manager: black staffers face discrimination and exclusion

Mark S Luckie alleges racism against African American employees and says site is biased against black users

A former Facebook manager has accused the company of “failing” its black employees, saying they face widespread discrimination and exclusion and that the social network is biased against its black users.

A letter from Mark S Luckie, who recently stepped down as strategic partner manager for global influencers, provided a detailed account of racism and prejudice at the embattled Silicon Valley corporation, noting that “in some buildings, there are more ‘Black Lives Matter’ posters than there are actual black people”.

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Try all you want, there’s no stopping the Apple Watch!

It might bother some people to hear it, but since the Apple Watch’s arrival, the smartwatch market has started making sense. Since its release, it has done nothing but set records. So why can’t other manufacturers keep up? What’s the secret to Apple’s success?

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Facebook was warned of apparent Russian data trawl in 2014, MPs told

After investigating claim no breach was found, Facebook says after Commons grilling

A Facebook engineer warned the company in 2014 that users apparently based in Russia were scooping vast amounts of data from the site on a daily basis, lawmakers from nine countries have been told, in heated exchanges about whether the social media company poses a threat to democracy.

Facebook’s representative, Richard Allan, often looked uncomfortable during hours of grilling by members of the House of Commons, where he once sat as a Liberal Democrat MP, and parliamentarians from eight other countries. An empty seat was left for the company’s founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, underlining the committee’s frustration about his refusal to appear.

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