Fortnite season 6, week 7 challenges: Skydive through floating rings guide

The Fortnite week 7 challenges have arrived in season 6. The biggest challenge of them all in this rather quiet week is no doubt the skydive through floating rings challenge. In this guide, we will help you maximize your rings per match so you can quickly finish this week 7 challenge.

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Enough! Tech shouldn’t be a boys club

Technology is a sector that is almost exclusively reserved for men. Although there are more and more women working in tech, a recent survey shows that more than 60% of them feel that they aren’t taken seriously. Is this really the 21st century? Sadly, yes.

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Google pledges to overhaul its sexual harassment policy after global protests

Company faced historic staff backlash following revelation it paid out $90m to an executive accused of sexual misconduct

Google CEO’s, Sundar Pichai, said the company would overhaul its sexual harassment policies, meeting some of the demands of employees who organized historic walkouts across the globe.

In an email to staff on Thursday, Pichai said Google would end forced arbitration for sexual misconduct claims, revamp its investigations process, share data on harassment claims and outcomes, and provide new support systems for people who come forward. The announcement is a notable achievement for employees who organized roughly 20,000 workers to walk out of the corporation’s offices across 50 cities last week.

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