GCHQ uses Instagram to ‘open up world of espionage’ to public

UK intelligence hub opens account on app it has used to capture citizens’ metadata

After years of secretly hoovering up metadata about millions of citizens, Britain’s spy agency has made its public foray into one of the growing sources for such information by opening its own Instagram account.

GCHQ’s account on the photo-sharing site claims the agency will provide a glimpse into its secret world. Its first post acknowledges GCHQ’s institutional suspicion about openness by including a photograph of the border fence with a “no photography” sign attached.

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UK and Canada unite to demand Mark Zuckerberg answers questions

Joint hearing to be held in attempt to pressure Facebook chief to appear over Cambridge Analytica scandal

The UK and Canadian parliaments are joining forces in an attempt to force Mark Zuckerberg to answer their questions over Facebook’s role in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

The House of Commons digital, culture, media and sport select committee has announced its intention to hold a highly unusual joint hearing with its Canadian equivalent in an attempt to pressure the social network’s chief executive into appearing in front of parliament.

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