Inside Samsung: new openness and innovation (Part 2)

Technology companies not only want but need to be innovative. My visit to Samsung in Seoul demonstrated that this is a real challenge. We saw many technical innovations in the Samsung Innovation Museum (SIM) too. But what does innovation really mean nowadays?

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Hammond targets US tech giants with ‘digital services tax’

Tax aimed at likes of Amazon and Google but OBR says it might raise just £30m from each

The government has announced a special digital services tax on US technology firms – including Google, Facebook and Amazon – to make sure “these global giants with profitable businesses in the UK pay their fair share”.

Philip Hammond, the chancellor, said the UK could no longer wait for “painfully slow” discussions on an international agreement on tackling tech firms’ tax avoidance. He said the UK would go it alone and introduce the tax on online firms that make more than £500m a year globally. Hammond said he expected the “narrowly targeted tax”, which will come into force in April 2020, to raise more than £400m a year for the exchequer.

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OnePlus 6T: cut-price flagship launches with in-screen fingerprint sensor

Updated Android smartphone shrinks screen notch, offering cutting-edge technology for less

OnePlus is putting a stake in the ground with its latest smartphone, saying cutting-edge technology doesn’t need to cost the best part of £1,000.

The new OnePlus 6T, which starts at £499, has an all-screen design and large 6.41in FHD+ OLED display, but this time shrinks the notch at the top to a more bearable tiny teardrop shape, slims the chin at the bottom of the screen and fits a fingerprint scanner directly into the screen.

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